THESE 7 new events in Ahmedabad will keep you on your toes, this weekend!

THESE 7 new events in Ahmedabad will keep you on your toes, this weekend!

Your Weekend Guide!

Feeling stuck in the same old routine? Good news – the weekend is just around the corner, bringing a lineup of exciting events! Whether you're into drum circles, drama, meetups, or stand-up comedy, our city has something for everyone. Check out these 7 new events in Ahmedabad and book your favorites now!

World Music Day Drum Circle with Rujul

The World Music Day Drum Circle, led by Rujul, invites participants to rediscover the joy of communal rhythm. This event fosters connection and creativity through the universal language of music.

When: 21st June at 9:30 PM

Where: Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association, Ahmedabad

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Mai Tenu Fir Milange Ft Laksh Maheshwari

This special show narrates 'Eternal Verses,' by Laksh Maheshwari, who delves into the poetic love triangle of Amrita Pritam, Sahir Ludhianvi, and Imroz. It paints a vivid picture of their intertwined lives and artistic expressions.

When: 22nd June at 7:30 PM

Where: Mehdi Nawaz Jung Hall, Ahmedabad

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THE IMPROV JAM by Aaryan Kadri

"THE IMPROV JAM by Aaryan Kadri" offers an evening of spontaneous comedy. This event brings together humor enthusiasts of all levels for a night of unscripted fun and creativity.

When: 23rd June at 4 PM

Where: Cheese Box Studios

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Drama Raam Duhai

Experience a captivating drama, "Raam Duhai," presented by RAMAKDI Productions. This performance tells a powerful story of sacrifice, enriched with cultural themes and live folk music.

When: 22nd June at 7 PM

Where: Kalasmruti, GSTV campus beside Iscon Temple, Ahmedabad

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Ujaalon ka Safar ft. Shubham Shyam

"Ujaalon ka Safar," featuring Shubham Shyam, follows a student's arduous journey through Kota, Vellore, Mumbai, and Bihar. This drama highlights the challenges and triumphs in the quest for academic success.

When: 23rd June at 6 PM

Where: Natrang Studio, Ahmedabad

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Chit Chat on Chai

"Chit Chat on Chai" offers a space for engaging conversations over tea or coffee. This event encourages participants to connect, share stories, and enjoy thought-provoking discussions in a friendly atmosphere.

When: 23rd June at 11 AM

Where: Tea Post, Gota

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Teri Kehke Lunga - Roast Comedy Show

"Teri Kehke Lunga" is a roast comedy show featuring top comics from Ahmedabad. The event promises an evening filled with relentless humor and sharp wit, ensuring non-stop laughter.

When: 22nd June at 9:30 PM

Where: Sip of Hope - The Coffee House, Ahmedabad

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