Treat yourself to tasty Puri Shak, Daal Pakwaan, and Majun at Ahmedabad's iconic Azad restaurant

Treat yourself to tasty Puri Shak, Daal Pakwaan, and Majun at Ahmedabad's iconic Azad restaurant

Established in 1947, this restaurant stands as an iconic eatery cherished by the people of Ahmedabad!

Indulging in the culinary delights of Ahmedabad's Old City is like taking a flavorful trip through time, and one spot you absolutely cannot afford to miss is the iconic Azad Mithai and Restaurant. This gem not only dishes out the tastiest Puri Shak, Daal Pakwaan, and the Sindhi sweet Majun but also holds the key to the city's gastronomic legacy, passed down through generations.

A glance at the history of the place

The foundation of this iconic restaurant was laid in 1947. With the dawn of India's independence, J.V. Rochwani migrated from Sindh, Pakistan, to Ahmedabad and he set up a small breakfast shop in the inner city of Ahmedabad, and thus, the name Azad was born. Rochwani introduced the city to the most exquisite mithai it had ever known.

Azad began its journey by offering delectable treats such as Puri Shak, Daal Pakwan, and Sindhi sweets like Majun. The modest shop quickly gained momentum in the bustling markets, eventually becoming an iconic establishment and an integral part of Ahmedabad's culinary history. Since then, Azad has continued to captivate the taste buds of generations, standing as a testament to the rich gastronomic heritage of the city.

Variety of choices and must-have dishes

Azad is a local favorite, especially celebrated for its Puri Shak—a beloved staple that every Gujarati holds dear. The crispy Daal Pakwaan is another must-try, and to cap off your meal, indulge in the deliciously sweet Majun. Amdavadis who have savored these delights would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone.

But wait, there's more to Azad's culinary treasure trove! Dive into the tempting world of Chhole Puri, Gujarati and Punjabi thalis, and a variety of options, including the famous Undhiyu. For those with a penchant for fried delicacies, Azad has you covered with a delightful array of Samosas, Kachoris, Cutlets, Cholle Tikki, Bread Pakoda, Chaat, and so much more!

Azad isn't just about savory delights; it's also a beloved sweet haven. Treat yourself to options like Rose Ladoo, Kaju Katli, Anjir Roll, Khajoor Delight, Chocolate Katli, Boodi for Ladoo, Chocolate Bites, Mava Bites, and a plethora of other irresistible varieties. In every bite, Azad serves up a symphony of flavors that has captured the hearts—and taste buds—of locals for generations.

Location: Relief Road, Opp Oriental building, Old City, Zaveriwad, Khadia, Ahmedabad

Timing: 10 AM to 10 PM

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