Unmasking the hilarious tale of the viral Kadhi Panipuri reel in Ahmedabad!
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Unmasking the hilarious tale of the viral Kadhi Panipuri reel in Ahmedabad!

Hold on to your taste buds, folks, because we've got the inside scoop on the viral reel featuring Panipuri served with Gujarati Kadhi in Ahmedabad!

Recently, Instagram has exploded with a reel that sent shockwaves through the foodie community here in Ahmedabad. A reel shared that a Panipuri joint in Ahmedabad serves Kadhi Panipuri, by pairing Gujarati Kadhi with puris! Netizens collectively lost their chaat-loving minds and demanded “justice for Panipuri”.

It's been a full-blown emotional rollercoaster. But before you dive into the drama, let's uncover the delicious truth.

The truth behind the Viral Reel

Now, in that reel, what seemed like a blasphemous Gujarati Kadhi (that should never ever be served with puris) was actually a mind-boggling flavor of Pani called Rajwadi Chhash, aka buttermilk. Phew! Can you imagine the relief? While it might still sound peculiar to pair buttermilk with puris, but it's a far cry from the ghastly combo of Kadhi and puri. Thank goodness for small mercies!

But wait, there's more! If you venture into the Instagram page of this Panipuri place called Nashtag, you'll discover a world of wacky but tantalizing experiments in our beloved street food, Panipuri.

Brace yourselves for strawberry Panipuri, Mexican Panipuri, and even a twist with the Aam panna Pani Puri. Some may find these flavors stranger than a dancing cow, but hey, innovation knows no bounds, especially when it comes to our beloved street eats!

So, dear food adventurers, while the world debates the merits of Panipuri's unconventional companions, let's celebrate the audacity and creativity that makes our taste buds tingle. Remember, life is too short for boring, predictable combinations! Embrace the quirky, relish the unexpected, and let your palate dance to the beat of Panipuri's wild variations. 

Check out the viral reel that caused the Internet frenzy.

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