VarieTea: Brewing happiness one cup at a time in Ahmedabad

VarieTea: Brewing happiness one cup at a time in Ahmedabad

Discover your perfect cup of tea!

Cafes are typically associated with coffee but VarieTea has created a cafe that celebrates our boundless love for a steaming cup of tea. VarieTea, with its diverse selection of locally sourced tea brands, blends, and flavors, is on a mission to reignite our passion for tea. Through their thoughtfully designed cafe, they invite you to explore a world of exquisite tea flavors, both from India and across the globe.

75 varieties of tea!

The founders of VarieTea understand the significance of our beloved chai, the elixir that kick starts our day and keeps us going. They aim to reveal that there's much more to tea than we might realize. Hence, in Ahmedabad, a city already fond of tea, they've introduced a tea-themed cafe that helps people discover their unique tea blend.

At VarieTea, much of the tea served is homegrown and organic. While their roots lie in Kolkata, where they operate a thriving tea business, exporting to various corners of the globe. VarieTea is their venture to extend the tea expertise to a broader audience.

Their homegrown blends hail from the pristine tea fields of Assam and Darjeeling, while they also source from Sri Lanka, China, and South Africa. Each cup carries with it the essence of a distant land. Their herbal concoctions and tisanes are carefully curated by experts and herbal specialists, ensuring the perfect balance of flavors and the ultimate tea experience.

Elevating tea time in Ahmedabad

Accompanying the fragrant and unique tea blends are delectable finger foods, tea snacks, and global delicacies.

Among the highly recommended offerings is the Rose Oolong Tea, best enjoyed with a side of Butter Garlic Fries. Explore an array of tea flavors from around the world, including Pu-erh, Imperial Russian, Tisanes, and traditional Indian teas like Irani Chai, classic Adrak Chai, spicy Masala Chai, aromatic Badam Chai, and the luxurious Kesar Chai. They also offer a diverse selection of iced teas and herbal infusions. Don't forget to explore their signature tea options, each a delightful journey in a cup.

Location: Shilp Aaron, Rooftop, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

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