Volkswagen drives diversity: All-women-operated city store opens in Ahmedabad

Volkswagen drives diversity: All-women-operated city store opens in Ahmedabad

Shifting gears for equality: Ahmedabad's inclusive automotive future!

In a commendable step towards inclusivity and diversity in the automotive industry, Volkswagen India, in collaboration with the Automark Group, has launched its second 'All-Women-Operated City Store' in Ahmedabad. This initiative builds on the success of the inaugural store in Coimbatore and signifies a transformation in the way automotive retail operates.

The 'All-Women-Operated City Store' challenges traditional gender roles by empowering women professionals to lead and manage all facets of the operation. This encompasses sales, after-sales service, test drive management, customer care services, housekeeping, and security. With a dedicated team of over ten dynamic women, this showroom proudly presents Volkswagen's latest product portfolio, featuring models like the Volkswagen Taigun, Virtus, and Tiguan.

Driving inclusivity in the Indian automotive sector: Empowering women in Ahmedabad

Garima Mishra, Managing Director of the Automark Group, emphasized their shared vision with Volkswagen to promote inclusivity in the Indian automotive sector. The initiative seeks to empower women professionals and gain a deeper understanding of customer requirements.

The expansion of this initiative to Ahmedabad underscores a broader commitment to fostering diversity within the workplace. By providing women with the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the automotive sector, the initiative champions a more diverse, equal, and inclusive work environment.

This endeavor is rooted in the belief that a diverse workforce can enhance engagement levels and inspire more women professionals to explore and excel in the automotive retail industry. It's a step towards creating a more inclusive society where opportunities are not bound by gender.

Location: Shop No 1, Ground Floor, The Allen Town, SP Ring Road, Nikol Cross Road, Ahmedabad

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