Watch the comedy show "Haji Ek Varta" live in Ahmedabad tomorrow!

Watch the comedy show "Haji Ek Varta" live in Ahmedabad tomorrow!

Catch the stage act live at the Blackbox Theatre in Ahmedabad on Jan 12

From a diverse range of cinematic experiences to tickling and light-hearted TV shows, many of the popular flicks and shows of the Indian entertainment industry have originated from Gujarat (come on who doesn't know about the legendary TMKOC show).

While there is an abundance of entertaining, enjoyable and authentic theatrical performances, comedy shows and much more, there is no lack of enthusiasts in the entire state. Pertaining to the same, the theatre enthusiasts of Ahmedabad yet again have the opportunity to witness the grandiose stage act "Haji Ek Varta" on January 12.

More about the "Haji Ek Varta" stage act

Inspired by the works of legendary humourist Shree Jyotindra Dave, "Haji Ek Varta" (One More Story) is a series of hilarious theatrical episodes which has received much love from the enthusiasts of the town during previous runs. The fun-filled Gujarati act, directed by Abhinay Banker would be staged in the Blackbox Theatre of the city from 9 pm.

Furthermore, the 75-minute act stars notable stage artists of Gujarat including Megha Vyas, Adhwet Limbachiya, Sanjay Galsar, Gopal Hari and others.

So don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the charm of this splendid live act! Book your tickets here.

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