When health meets flavour! Varun Dhawan's all new "Dil Se Eatfit" in Ahmedabad

When health meets flavour! Varun Dhawan's all new "Dil Se Eatfit" in Ahmedabad

A new place for health-conscious dining in Ahmedabad's culinary landscape.

Hold onto your forks, Ahmedabad! The city's dining landscape just got a whole lot healthier. Eatfit has been on a mission to redefine healthy eating for Amdavadis. Having conquered the realm of cloud kitchens, this culinary sensation recently took an audacious leap into the city's heart by inaugurating its very first offline restaurant, Dil Se Eatfit.

And guess who graced the launch? None other than our beloved Varun Dhawan! As the co-founder and brand ambassador of Eatfit, Varun unveiled this newfound haven of wholesome indulgence, shedding light on why embracing such a culinary adventure is the need of the hour.

A glimpse into Dil se Eatfit restaurant

"Dil se Eatfit" stands as a testament to the commitment of fostering healthier lifestyles without compromising on taste. Varun Dhawan emphasized that this establishment is not just a restaurant, but a reflection of embracing mindful eating while relishing the best of flavors and tastes that Ahmedabad's vibrant food scene presents.

The restaurant has ventured beyond its existing offerings, introducing an array of dishes specially curated to cater to Ahmedabad's local palate. This embrace of the city's unique flavors further enriches the culinary journey.

From North Indian and South Indian delicacies to Chinese delights, as well as comforting dishes like Khichdi and Curd Rice, "Dil se Eatfit" boasts a diverse range of healthy and tantalizing options. This culinary paradise promises Ahmedabad's health-conscious food enthusiasts a space where they can embark on a wholesome gastronomic adventure, redefining the very essence of dining out.

What is EatFit?

EatFit, operating as a leading platform under Curefoods, had already been making waves with its cloud kitchen operations. However, the recent launch of Ahmedabad's first offline EatFit restaurant marked a significant stride in their journey.

A true pioneer in the realm of wholesome dining, EatFit has established itself as one of India's largest healthy food platforms. The brand has steadfastly retained its core values of honesty, cleanliness, and health since its inception in 2017. Presently, EatFit operates an impressive array of 150 cloud kitchens, serving a diverse range of bold and vibrant culinary offerings.

Location: Turquoise building, nr. Panchvati Circle, C.G. road Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad

Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM

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