Winter cravings kicking in? Head to Vastrapur Lake in Ahmedabad and savor these tasty dishes!

Winter cravings kicking in? Head to Vastrapur Lake in Ahmedabad and savor these tasty dishes!

From Odo and Rotlo to Dudh Thabdi, Live Dhokla to Khichu, these food options will keep you warm and full!

If you find yourself wandering the town, relishing the gulabi thandi, or perhaps nestled at home in a warm and cozy haven, yearning something hearty and satisfying to eat, then this article is tailored just for you!

Vastrapur Lake, renowned more for its street food offerings than its lakeside charm, transforms into a haven for food enthusiasts. Amidst the diverse options, including garam garam dhokda, khichu, dudh thabdi, makai, and much more, there lie some truly delectable and wholesome choices during the winter season.

So, layer up and make your way to these food stalls near Vastrapur Lake to satiate that winter appetite!

Odo and Rotlo/ Vagharelo Rotlo

Odo, the quintessential winter dish, is a symphony of flavors. Crafted from green veggies exclusive to the winter months, this Kathiawadi cuisine is a culinary delight. Pairing it with a piping hot Rotlo elevates the experience to almost heavenly levels. The stall named "Special Kathiawadi Food" offers this delicacy at reasonable prices (Odo at Rs. 70 and Rotlo for Rs. 30).

The spot is equally renowned for Vagharelo Rotlo, and you can explore other varieties like Sev Tameta nu shak.

Live steam Dhokla

While dhokla is a year-round delicacy, but indulging in these fluffy and warm bites during the cooler months adds an extra layer of pleasure.

At Vastrapur Lake, numerous live Dhokla places beckon, but Radhe Live Steam Dhokla stands out for serving the best and softest Dhoklas. Offering both yellow and white dhoklas with green and red chutney, this dish is served warm.

Makai and Khichu

Sweetcorn or Makai is another treat that becomes even more enjoyable during the winter season. Roasted bhuttas, seasoned with tangy masalas and lemon, make for a delicious and healthy snack.

Another winter delight is Khichu—a simple and flavorful snack made from rice flour and spices. Khichu has a soft, dough-like consistency and is often savored as a street food or as part of a meal. Various places around Vastrapur Lake offer these light and tasty dishes.

Live Handavo

Handvo, cherished for its delectable taste, unique texture, and comforting qualities, is a wholesome dish that blends taste with nutrition, making it a cherished item in Gujarati cuisine. You can find an excellent version of it at this stall.

Dudh Thabdi

For a perfect warm dessert to conclude your day, this is the place to be. While thabdi is a familiar treat, the duo at Two Students serves a delightful Thabdi with warm and rich milk. Kathiawadi Dudh thabdi has gained fame for its authentic taste and wholesomeness.

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