Zaura jewelry store's striking interior: An ode to stone caves in Ahmedabad

Zaura jewelry store's striking interior: An ode to stone caves in Ahmedabad

Know about the most extraordinary jewellery store in Ahmedabad!

In contrast to the typically lavish and extravagant jewelry showrooms, Zaura, a jewelry store in Ahmedabad, ventures down a unique path. It embraces a minimalist and modernist design, finding its muse in the stone caves of the Earth and the result is a unique interior that resembles a work of art.

A symphony of art, nature, and design

Zaura's story began with the vision of Urvi Patel, the founder and designer. Specializing in crafting filigree beauty, these delicate jewels draw their inspiration from art and nature. Their intricate designs demand a display space that doesn't overshadow their elegance but rather allows them to shine as the center of attention. This is where Amrish Patel, co-founder of Apical Reform, one of India's most innovative design studios and Urvi's spouse, steps into the picture.

Teaming up with the creative minds at R+R Architects in Ahmedabad, Amrish Patel's studio set out to craft a jewelry store that stands out from the rest, a boutique that dares to be avant-garde. "We embraced minimalism, utilizing sculpted, flowing walls and clever lighting to create a space that exudes both simplicity and natural beauty," says Amrish Patel.

Inspired by the raw, untamed beauty of rock formations, every element in Zaura is a custom creation crafted from a blend of metal, fiberglass, and glass. This juxtaposition marries the ruggedness of nature with the refinement of the jewelry itself.

Zaura's jewelry store experience

Stepping inside Zaura is like entering a realm where each piece of jewelry is meticulously placed, inviting visitors to explore its intricate details. The store's intimate layout fosters a one-on-one experience, which is why Zaura operates on an appointment-only basis.

In an age where more is often perceived as better, Zaura stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity. It's a jewelry store where nature's elegance meets minimalist design, creating a truly unique shopping experience for those who appreciate the art of adornment.

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