Indore is fast becoming one of the more developed cities of the country. If you’re a die hard Indori, you perhaps already know about the massive 14 feet robotic traffic policeman at the busy Barfani Dham intersection. However, if you’re a tourist or just a visitor, this unique robocop will surely be a fascinating sight to behold.

Starting out in 2017, the robocop is here to manage traffic in a more streamlined fashion. Acting as a traffic signal and a traffic cop, it can rotate about its axis and move its arms just like a real traffic cop. It records all activities and transmits them live to the main police control room for review and offenders are immediately sent an e-challan.

Here is a video of the robocop in action

The project was undertaken by Indore police and built by Venkteshwar Institute of Technology. Due to the level of secrecy involved, the tasks for making the mechanisms were assigned to different groups of students. Their motivation behind this was to try the future of robotics in India, and replace a human traffic cop for the first time in the country.

This is a stepping stone in Indore’s drive towards a more developed and futuristic city. Such initiatives have seen traction in foreign countries like UK and Dubai and we are eagerly waiting to see how the experiment will pan out in India.

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