Over the months, we’re witnessing how happening Lucknow is becoming day by day and it caters to the needs of all here. Be it concerts by globally renowned artists, food festivals, DJ nights or open mics, this city is brimming with newness in every corner! Every weekend is usually jam packed with offers and deals at leading hang-outs and to make your weekdays less stressful, the entertainment quotient stays high everywhere even after your work hours.

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On a similar line, hailed as India’s leading comedian, Atul Khatri is coming to town on the 4th of August at Hyatt Regency and we’re losing our chill already! Jejuz Christ, imagine watching him live on stage, just a few feet away hilariously tickling our funny bones- aaah!

Who in their right state of mind wouldn’t attend this legend’s show? That’s the kinda negativity we don’t want in our lives but if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about this ‘Horny Sindhi’, then read on!

A middle-aged businessman-turned-comedian, Atul Khatri makes a living by making people roll over their seats with laughter and maybe pee their pants a lil’ (hey, we ain’t judging).

A former member of one of the country's leading comedy collectives, East India Comedy, Atul has often featured on their YouTube series like EIC Outrage, and specials such as EIC vs Bollywood. Having bagged shows globally, he performs only in impeccable English and his content too, talks about things we don’t wanna say out loud! That’s exactly what makes him a dope quip-master and we dig his humour all the time.

This comic has showcased his skills at the prestigious Utrecht International Comedy Festival in the Netherlands and Belgium and also at the 8th Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival in 2014. CNN-IBN recently rated him as one of the ‘Top 20 Comedians in India’, post winning the ‘CEOs Got Talent’ competition.

We’re genuinely excited that this wisecracker will be here, that too on a Sunday and we’re already planning about this day even though there’s quite sometime left for his arrival! Take your fam along or your squad because trust us, you shouldn’t sit this one out.

When: 4 August|8pm onwards

Where: Hyatt Regency

Book your tickets here.

In an attempt to break language barrier, UP 112 will now respond in regional dialects

Emergency Helpline Number 112 in Uttar Pradesh will now respond to callers in Bhojpuri, Braj, Awadhi and Bundeli dialects.

We all find it much easier to communicate our primary problems in a language that is closer to our identities and expressions than to words and syntax. Thus, in an all-new initiative of the UP 112, the Uttar Pradesh emergency helpline number prepares to respond to its callers in their local dialects.

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In a first for Indore, new regional airline turns the city airport as its domicile base

The services of the new aviation company will take off from Indore next month

The Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in the city of Indore becomes the base operating centre of new regional airlines that is to kickstart services from November 15. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has provided the new venture with a clearance after inspection, and the airlines has already started to work on the set up and maintenance for the same at the airport premises. The maiden aircraft, imported from Australia, will reach Indore in a week.

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Starting October 26, travellers can book Kanpur-Ahmedabad flight at base fares!

Due to increased public demands, flights to Kolkata & Bangalore from Kanpur, to commence soon.

In an attempt to promote the Kanpur- Ahmedabad flight service, which had been halted so far due to the pandemic, the authorities have planned to cap the flight fare at base price. This promotional activity will commence from October 26 and will continue for a period of one month. During this period, expensive Flexi-fare won't be applicable on the nominal ticket price even when the chances of getting a seat are low.

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Lucknow gets a new walk-in premium liquor store 'Madira', with the coolest vibes ever!

Sometimes, it gets difficult for women to stand in a queue at a theka, but with Madira, women can now purchase their favourites.

Have you been searching for a liquor store which would be your one-stop shop for all kinds of booze hankerings? Then you've gotta check out Madira, here at the City Mall, Gomti Nagar. Madira is Lucknow's first ever high-end alcohol store which is offering a range of assorted premium liquor brands in Vipul Khand, Lucknow. In compliance with the Excise (Settlement of Licence for Premium Retail Vends of FoForeign Liquor) Rules, 2020, Madira is bringing to us a kick-ass experience of liquor shopping & we've got the details covered for you!

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'BHOG' to ensure hygiene of 'prasad' at religious places in Lucknow

Hanuman Setu temple, Aliganj Hanuman temple, Mankameshwar temple, Gulacheen temple in Aliganj and Gurudwara Ashiana, selected for the first phase of BHOG.

The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) has launched 'Blissful Hygienic Offering to God' (BHOG) project in Lucknow to ensure that devotees visiting places of worship, get 'prasad', 'langar', 'bhandara' and 'bhog' which is not only safe and healthy but also prepared in a hygienic and clean environment. Besides the sterile preparation, special attention will also be given to the hygienic distribution of the same. This new project has been launched ahead of the festivities of Dusshera and Diwali.

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