Can’t stand the scorching summer any longer? Fret not, monsoons to hit Lucknow tomorrow!

Lucknow’s weather has been rather unpredictable over the past few weeks. We’ve seen rainfall, cloudy skies, immense heat and what not. Only yesterday, the city awoke to a pleasant day, and by the afternoon, the sun appeared to mar everyone’s plans. Now however, there are reports that suggest that monsoon in Lucknow will arrive tomorrow most likely.

Lucknowites are known to love the monsoon season like no other. And that is exactly why this has us rejoicing. As per the meteorological department, the strong rain carrying winds and clouds will come from the eastern side of the country and could inch into Lucknow by tomorrow.

The heat in the city touched new heights this time. The average temperature was a few notches above what it should be and that itself was a major cause for concern. Additionally, the city also faced harsh heat conditions and many heat strokes this summer. Over the past few weeks however, the rain has been gracing Lucknowites and the pre monsoon showers are getting is geared up for the heavy rain spell.

On the days that it rained here in the city, the temperature remained at a comfortable 30 to 35 degrees. These temperatures spoiled us for comfort and once the mercury rose, there seemed to be no respite from it.

According to reports, the monsoon rains will arrive from the eastern side, where the season has already hit the cities.

During the monsoons however, the authorities will have to ensure that the power situation in the city is kept under control and doesn’t cause too many powercuts in the city.

Now that the monsoons are finally going to be here, we’re rather excited and are already chalking out our plans. Though the monsoons are getting here late, we’re still hoping that the season sticks around for a while.

Lucknow is most famously known as the city of Nawabs. The name, though many think is given to the city because it was ruled by the Nawabs for many years, is more so because of the impact the Nawabs had on Lucknow's culture and its common life.

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With a kick-ass vision to conduct a face-lift on Lucknow's music scene and nightlife, Astral Sounds had conducted a Sundowner Fest last year, which kept Lucknowites yenning for more such nights.

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One of the best places in Lucknow to enjoy a calm and serene evening is the Gomti riverfront. The riverfront sees a large footfall everyday and is a preferred spot for family picnics and health enthusiasts who need a quiet place for a long walk. This February, the people of Lucknow saw Gomti Riverfront utilised to its full potential when a horde of demonstrations and exercises happened here during the Defence Expo 2020.

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Lucknow has been going through several changes and a lot of development. From traffic to waste disposal and all of these have been aimed to make the city smarter and better. Under the smart city initiative, several new projects have made everyday life easier for the residents and have transformed the cityscape entirely.

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Munick has come to be Lucknow's favourite Bavarian bistro and bar. This wonderful rustic place is a hub of good music, great vibes and a dine-in menu that can impress the haughtiest of epicures. With its consistent quality and service and all that it has to offer, Munick totally deserves to be in the list of your favourite places in the city. Now this piece of news we have for you, will totally make you rush to the place right away and will have you jumping with excitement.

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Ever heard about an underground book fair? Unusual right? But there's one happening in your city & it's where you need to be right now.

With an aim to inculcate good reading habits amongst the people of Lucknow, UP Metro Rail Corporation has organised Lucknow's first underground metro book fair at the Hazratganj Metro Station & you just cannot miss it! To be a part of the book fair all you have to do is head to the Hazratganj Metro station, which is pretty amazing by the way.

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