Lucknow hasn’t always been a fashion forward place, people here gravitate more towards the ethnic and heritage wear than the modern high fashion. The city’s fashion scene is slowly but surely evolving, with local designers and big brands breathing life into Lucknow’s fashion scene and with each passing day it is only getting better. The recent addition to this ever-evolving city is a design studio located at a winding street in the Mahanagar area- “Closet-Our Designers Hub” .

This store is a breath of fresh air as far as lifestyle and design studios go. They are a multi-designer studio with an in-house cafe and we cannot deny the fact, that the new place has us super excited!

What is ‘Closet-Our Designers Hub’?

Started by a home-grown designer Kanushree Mehrotra, Closet is a design studio and a passion project put together. Closet includes Kanushree’s own brand ‘Soni_Kudi’ along with a plethora of other brands by budding designers from all over the country.

The idea behind the studio is to have a place for the modern woman who is not just fashion forward and knows what she needs but is also connected with her roots. The studio caters to women of all ages who crave for a tinge of quirk, a dash of sass and a whole lot of elegance. It is a sanctuary where women can have a gala time looking at dresses while those who accompany can relax at a cute spot in the cafe, do their work or just have a wonderful cup of coffee.

About the store

Located a smidge away from the Gole Market, Closet has unassuming exteriors barring baby blue windows and a bohemian blue door. Yet, as soon as you walk into the store, you’re welcomed by an expansive property with a small cafe section in the beginning accompanied by racks and racks of clothing. The wallpaper, soothing shade of blue with floral prints on it, invites you to the open space which is adorable to see and be seated in. What starts with an aisle of sarees made with stunning material and sourced from designers around the country turns into a browsing of drapes.

You'll find yourself lost once you try on the beautiful boutique jewellery of oxidised silver and rough gemstones, copper tones and quirky objects. These not only entice your senses but make you want to wear it all and dress up like a toddler in their mother’s closet. The store also showcases handmade fabrics and design pieces from ‘Artisans of India’ who come from remote villages of India. These include the ‘Bagru’ style which comes from a village near Jaipur and ‘Barmer’ a small village near Rajasthan-Pakistan Border. Closet even has a mesmerizing collection for bridesmaid ready silhouettes.

Why ‘Closet-Our Designers Hub’?

This multi designer store is unlike any in Lucknow where you can not only find great designs and great fabrics but also get to customize the garment that you need, from scratch! Not, just that, you also have the option to customize the pieces according to your need, bring in the fabric of your choice and ask the designer to stitch it up. With their ‘Bespoke’ option you can design the dress of your dreams.

You get all of this in unimaginably affordable prices- so you can dive into “affordable fashion” or be “fashionably affordable”.

Plus, they also have an extremely cute jutti collection and hand-made soap collection, which is definitely worth a try! For more details visit their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram.

Location: C 142, Sector A Mahanagar, Lucknow

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