McDonald's has added a new Masala Dosa Burger in its menu & we're excited

McDonald's has added a new Masala Dosa Burger in its menu & we're excited

Guys, get ready for a flavourful explosion with the all new McDonald's menu!

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

McDonald's is one of those places that we've been going to as kids and for many, it holds a very special place. With so many memories attached to our favourite fast food joint, it is only right that the new wonderfully weird menu was greeted with a whole lot of fanfare.

We're here to tell you all about that new menu, which has something real special- the masala dosa burger, our new favourite and what else you should go for when you try it out for yourself. You can find this new addition at any McDonald's outlet in North and East India. Interested, well, read on to know more.

The Age of the Masala Dosa Burger

About a decade ago, a newspaper columnist argued that the closest thing that India had to a national dish was a dosa. It is now that this statement seems to be true because the addition of the Masala Dosa Burger to McDonald's menu is something that has stirred some of the most viral and telling responses.

The masses seem to be split in two- you either love it or you hate it, but we're of the opinion that says, why not?

McDonald's has added a new Masala Dosa Burger in its menu & we're excited

Now, McDonald's has given you the option to have something that is derived from the classic South Indian dish, while keeping it handy enough for you to have on the go. Again, we ask you, why not have something that brings alive the flavour of south India in a package that really can't be beaten?

Though we actually liked the zesty flavours of this non-McDonald's like burger, there are many who are completely opposed to the idea of it. However, whether you like it or not is up to you to decide, so spending just ₹59 should give you an idea if you want more of it or not.

A new menu to cater to the Indian palette

McDonald's has added a new Masala Dosa Burger in its menu & we're excited

For long, the menu at McDonald's had remained the same. Long time fans weren't exactly bored of the same old menu and dishes, but the addition of new items has reignited the flame that the McDonald's icon had once captured.

As part of the new menu, you can indulge in some classic old dishes with a new spin. You now get the option to choose your favourite bun and even a few sauces, if you're looking to get experimental with it. At it's core, the idea that McDonald's gives you a quick pick me up meal is kept intact.

You can also go for some of the new burgers- the Chicken Kebab Burger, American Cheese Supreme burger, the Grilled McAloo Tikki and more or just try out the wraps, which include some wild entries as well.

Knock Knock

Whenever McDonald's comes out with a new burger, wrap or a dessert, we rush to find out what it is like. Nothing has piqued our interest as much as the new revamped menu that these guys have brought out and still, the Masala Dosa Burger is the dish to look out for!