Everything you need to know about the Indore Metro

Indore is one of the fastest transitioning cities in India and has come out to become one of the biggest industrial hubs too. Hence, the approval of the metro project in Indore by the Union cabinet has come as a big relief.

The government in an inspiring move in the beginning of October allocated 14,000 crore rupees for the Madhya Pradesh metro connectivity project. A separate body called the ‘Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Co Ltd.’ (MPMRCL) was constituted to look after the project with Indore and Bhopal in the forefront of the development. The first tenders for the same have been sent out and the work is expected to start soon.

The initial Indore Metro project would run along the Ring Line starting from Bengali Square-Vijaynagar Square-Chandragupta Square-Bhawarsala Square-Airport-Rajwada Palace-Bengali Square.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, in a recent public gathering (campaign) said that he would make Indore the best city in the world in next 5 years, “Indore has now been the cleanest city in the country twice, we’ll take it further by making it world’s best city”.

The estimated expenditure on the project would be approximately 7,500 crore for Indore and 6,941 crore for Bhopal. The projects would be part-funded by both the Union and the State governments, plus with loans from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and New Development Bank (NDB) for Indore. The project is expected to complete within four years.

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Delhi's IGI airport is among the top airports in the world. With all the facilities of a world class international airport, IGI now has one more credit to its name. Recently the IGI airport became India's first airport to be free from single-use plastic.

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Have you ever been running late to the airport because of the sheer number of bags you have? If your answer is yes, then IGI airport has got you covered. Now, in a new initiative by the DIAL (Delhi International Airport Ltd) you can have your stuff transported to the IGI airport directly from your place of stay.

Delhi International Airport Ltd., the operators of IGI airport have partnered up with a Bengaluru based company called CarterX. In fact, this facility is not limited to be availed by only those taking off from Delhi, it can also be used to get your luggage delivered to your residence when you touchdown at IGI.

What's the update?


In a bid to make travelling to and from IGI airport easier for passengers, DIAL has undertaken a partnership with CarterX to start a service where a commuter's luggage can be transported to and from the IGI airport directly from their place of residence. This, essentially, is a step towards making checking in to the airport a breeze.

Additionally, if you're short on time and are planning to take the direct metro link to the airport, this is a great way to ensure that you don't have to lug your stuff around.

To avail the service, you will have to pay a fee based on the number, weight and size of the bags. The fee will also take into account distance to and from the airport, meaning the prices are going to be dynamically triggered. At any rate, the base fare is ₹299, which goes up depending on the aforementioned factors. For every 5 kilograms over 20kgs, an additional ₹100 will be charged.

Knock Knock

This is certainly one of the most passenger forward moves we have seen DIAL take. The IGI airport is at par with the best airports in the world and this is something that should take its rating all the way up. DIAL and CarterX have both stated that with this service, they aim to cover the entirety of Delhi, including neighbouring states- Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

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Delhi elections are just around the corner. While the tensions are high in the national capital, with numerous campaigns and rallies asking people to cast their precious vote, there are a few who still need to make travel plans in order to cast their vote. To ensure that every last voter gets to practice their democratic right and no vote is lost, SpiceJet is offering free tickets to those who're registered as voters in the Delhi.

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In just a matter of three years, Mumbaikars will be able to take a 12-hour drive to get all the way down to Delhi, and vice versa. The 8 lane highway that is the NHAI's (National Highways Authority of India) pet project has just been put on the fast track to completion by January 28, 2023. Authorities have stated that there will be no flexibility in this date.

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We all know Mother Dairy as the standard milk and milk products seller. Every locality in Noida has its very own Mother Dairy and it is how we guide the Zomato delivery executives to our homes- "Bhaiya Sector 18 ki Mother Dairy ke paas aana hai apko". We have had the opportunity to visit the Mother Dairy ice-cream parlours too, but this new branch of Mother Dairy is completely new to us!

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