10 restaurants in North Goa that give you the best on a platter

10 restaurants in North Goa that give you the best on a platter

Well regarded as the land of beaches, Goa is one of the most diverse and vibrant cultural hub of the country. People from across the globe travel to this serene destination to blow off some steam, experience the richness of the Dutch and Portuguese vibes and take in the mouth watering cuisine of Goa. To make matters easy for you, we’ve curated a list of the best restaurants and cafes in North Goa, where you can experience the taste of the ocean and a slice of Goa on a platter.

House of Lloyds

Specializing in the colloquial Goan food, House of Lloyds is a restaurant that is frequented by tourists, owing to the home style Goan food. This place stands out from the other Goan restaurants because of this reason. Their food is all about flavours and aromas, rather than about masalas and presentation. House of Lloyds offers perhaps the most succulent and delicious pork chops, in all of Goa and they are not to be missed.

Zamu's place

Goa’s only Parsi restaurant tries to stay true to the cuisine and boy, does it deliver. They make the best mutton dhansak and patrani machi that you will ever come across. Since Parsi food is not all that widely available in the country, if you are in Goa, you have to try this place at least once. Not only the food, but the vibes and the atmosphere will draw you to it more than just once.


Bomra’s has the perfect blend of aromatic flavours from Burma. What sets them apart from the other Burmese restaurants is the unique spins they put on the dishes. Each of them is thoughtfully crafted and fused to give it a lasting and memorable taste. If you’re here, you’ve got to try out some of the deserts, which are as unusual as they are tasty.

Michelle's Cafe

Looking for a filling breakfast for the hectic day ahead? Well, look no further than this quirky little French Cafe. They specialize in not only authentic French cuisine such as quiches and frittatas, but also in some riveting atmosphere and Moroccan food. The best part about the food here is that it is all prepared in mineral water, so you don’t have to worry about health issues.


Since Goa often sees tourists from around the globe, it’s not surprise that it is home to this little Japanese place. Sure you can try out the Goan cuisine, but if you’re here for long, you have to pay a visit here. The food here is authentic Japanese and doesn’t feel like a rip-off. To make their food as authentic as possible, Sakana often imports many of their ingredients and produce all the way from the Land of the Sun.


There’s no better place to indulge in some authentic Goan cuisine than at Kamlabai’s. The place has gained reputation over the years and is now frequented by locals and tourists alike. The main draw of this place are the amazing and succulent seafood preparations. Some of these include rare dishes like the tamoshi- red snapper, mori- shark, xec xec, kingfish rava fry and chonak- giant sea perch. All of them are prepared with love, care and expertise and a bite out of these will make Kamlabai your favourite eating spot in Goa.


Looking for a fine dining experience in North Goa? Look no further than Infantaria. They offer a great, upmarket vibe paired with some offers on drinks. Don’t forget to ask about those if you’re dining here. What they are best known for are their amazing and filling breakfasts, which energise you and get you ready for the sightseeing ahead. Also try some of the local Goan deserts they offer, which are unique to the state and are rare finds even in the city.


Ku keeps it simple. They don’t have an over the top menu where the long list of dishes leaves you in a tizzy. They offer Goan cuisine and only two things are on the menu. A Goan fish thali, which has an assortment of seafood and a Goan vegetarian thali which packs the best options for vegetarians looking for Goan food. Add to that the tranquil surroundings of the place and you’ve got a zen outing ahead of you.

Presa di Goa

Located in Calangute, Presa di Goa boasts a great outdoor garden seating along with mouth watering multi-cuisine dishes. They specialize in not only an amazing ambience, but also in providing some amazing Turkish and Swiss dishes such as the mezze and couscous and Swiss Fondue. For some Goan, do try the amazing prawn curry and Alle Belle, which is a local Goan coconut pancake. The dishes to try out here are endless and the ambience will have you coming back for more. However, keep in mind that you have to have a prior reservation to visit the restaurant.

Sur La Mer

Offering perhaps the most unique cuisine in all of Goa, Sur La Mer specializes in fusion food. The food here is a blend of different cuisines and each dish tells a tale of the history of its origin. With each bite, you can actually taste the different preparation methods and the care that has been put into making the flavours stand out from each other.

If you’re in Goa and are looking for some great cuisine, you’ve got to visit one of these places to see what the hype is all about. Not only will they add flavour to your trip, but also give you more things to talk about with your friends about.