5 Cafes in North Goa you need to visit instead of the pubs!

5 Cafes in North Goa you need to visit instead of the pubs!

Fresh ground coffee and breads right out of the oven have the most enticing aromas in the world. They fill the soul with warmth and make us feel all cozy inside. Any good cafe has the power to do exactly that, because a warm cappuccino on a chilly day or an iced latte on a sunny afternoon, is all it takes for us to get our groove on.

So here’s a list of our favourite cafes in North Goa, that will help you find the perfect blend of yum and satisfaction:

Baba Au Rhum

Baba Au Rhum is one of the most beautiful cafes you’ll visit in North Goa. The scenic and open layout of the cafe is not only good to look at but also extremely calming and soothing. The food here is to die for, especially their amazing pizzas, the croissant and the luscious burgers.

What to try: Croissant, Pizza

Caravela Cafe and Bistro

The French and Portugal influences of Goa show themselves very plainly at this cafe. From its basic architecture to the ambiance and the food, everything is doused in the influences, which makes the restaurant a must visit for people who really want to experience the essence of Goan food and culture.

What to try: Croquettes, Chicken Xacuti, Bebinca, Coffee


Known for its exotic selection of food and the healthy breakfasts, Artjuna is one of the most loved cafes in North Goa. The food they serve is not only diverse but also delectable. Their Greek and Mediterranean dishes are fresh and light. The breakfast spread they serve is loved far and wide. Their pancakes are soft and the waffles crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

What to try: Breakfast Platter, Coffee, Waffles

Cafe Al Fresco

Cafe Al Fresco is by far one of the most Goan places you’ll go to. Its architecture and decor screams Goa, it is vibrant, it is cool and it is peaceful. The blue berry pancakes are like melt-in-your mouth pockets of cloud and the coffee a frothy, creamy and earthy mix. The experience that Cafe Al Fresco leaves you with is hard to forget, because the food combined with the ambiance is something not many cafes are able to get right.

What to try: Blueberry Pancakes, Coffee, Burgers

Saraya Art Cafe

Surrounded by lush green trees and designed in a rustic bohemian fashion, this cafe is every nature lovers dream come true. The decor of the cafe is a stunner in itself and food just adds on to the whole natural vibe. They only serve vegetarian food that is freshly made and as local as possible. The cafe prides itself on treating the earth well and consuming only the most natural and rustic ingredients much like their decor.

What to try: Pizza, Thali, Pasta

So grab your straw hat, put on some sun-tan and waltz away to these cafes to find strong coffee, awesome conversation and delicious food.