971 new cases recorded in Goa on Thursday

971 new cases recorded in Goa on Thursday

Both North and South Goa Districts have over 15% case positivity rate now

Amid the rapidly moving COVID resurgence, a fresh load of 971 new cases added to the health concerns on Thursday. The case positivity rate (CPR) of both the state districts has swiftly moved from below 5% to more than 10%, in the last 14 days. According to the latest records, North Goa's weekly positivity rate (December 30 to January 5) stands at 18.77% while that of South District is at 15.51%. Goa's daily CPR, as of Thursday, has increased to 20.5%, added reports.

40 hospitalised in Goa for COVID care

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With a speedy rise in COVID cases, both North and South Goa Districts have been identified by the Union Ministry of Health with areas over 10% case positivist rate. Of this heightened share, around 75% have been traced through RT-PCR tests or rapid testing procedures with the highest share of over 100 cases coming from Margao. Vasco has 99 cases, Cortalimhas 84, followed by Cansaulin 68 and 67 in Panjim.

The increased infection has had a direct impact on hospitalisation. Reportedly, around 40 hospital admissions were made in Goa, in the last 5 days. Around 11 of these were noted on Thursday itself. Noteworthily, all patients are receiving treatment at GMC's super-speciality block which houses around 800 COVID beds. The state plans to open South Goa’s old Hospicio hospital when hospitalisation in this block exceeds over 50% capacity. To some respite, a major share of 960 patients are in home isolation

The Director of Health Services informed that COVID cases are spread all over the state, with the majority pooling in from urban and semi-urban areas. However, there are no clusters or containment zones in Goa.

Vaccination in Goa

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Vaccination is moving at a fast pace too and around 5,000 children in the 15-18 age category received their first COVID shot on Thursday. All beneficiaries in this segment are being administered Bharat Biotech's COVAXIN.

Among adults, around 843 and 2,000 people received their first and second doses, respectively. As of date, Goa has administered a total of 24,71,949 jabs, including 13,51,950 first and 11,19,999 second doses.

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