We all love a good tattoo, they are intricate, stunning, vibrant and become a defining part of a person's personality. If you're the kind who loves tattoos and don't want to be hasty or take many risks, we have just the thing for you.

A three day long Tattoo Festival is happening in Goa from 17th January at Anjuna. With international tattoo artists, tattoo models, tattoo enthusiasts and more, this festival can only be called an ink lovers dream come true!

Goa Tattoo Festival 2020

Goa is celebrating the biggest coming together of tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo artists and tattoo models right here at Anjuna and if you're an ink lover you've got to be here.

Tattoo's are more than just something that is drawn on the body, but the extension of a person. Something that is not only a big part of a person's personality but a huge chunk of their lives. If you're a tattoo hoarder, an artist or just tattoo curious looking for something fun to make on your body, this festival is exactly where you need to be.

The Goa Tattoo Festival celebrates the art of drawing like no other place and you're sure to find everything you're looking for. Plus, even if you're not looking to get tatted up, you can still have a bunch of fun, immerse in a ton of activities and have the time of your life!

The festival will have several national and international artists including Tenzin, Agne, Yohanne Dore and Lazlo David. You may even spot famous tattoo models such as Alice la douce, and Mekani Terror.

Knock Knock

If you enjoy ink, the process of getting inked or simply like seeing other get tatted up, the Goa Tattoo Festival is a must visit for you. The festival will not only help you meet other enthusiasts but would also help you find new artists and new designs. So make sure to be a part of the biggest tattoo celebration in Goa.

Date: January 17th-19th

Venue: Tito's Whitehouse, Anjuna, Goa

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