Amalia in Dona Sylvia Novotel, is Goa's first ever Vegan bar!

Amalia in Dona Sylvia Novotel, is Goa's first ever Vegan bar!

Have you ever heard of vegan booze or vegan bar food?!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Vegetarian and Veganism have spread all over the world, with people realising the health benefits and the environmental impacts. Vegas is arguably the new cool and there's no denying the fact that a vegan diet is great for the body. But what happens when a vegan wants to have fun? Have you ever heard of vegan bars, vegan cocktails and vegan bar food?

Well, we have! Amalia Bar in Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort, is Goa's first ever Vegan Bar that embraces the vegan spirit to the fullest!

Amalia in Dona Sylvia Novotel, is Goa's first ever Vegan bar!

What is exactly a vegan bar?

As a vegan bar, Amalia serves its regular full bar menu, cocktails, shots and all, as well as a few select vegan drinks especially curated to suit the vegan palate. The ingredients used are vegan, hence you get a fresh take on classic cocktails.

Plus, the food available at the bar is also vegan, so that you can have all the fun you want and still not put your body through much. Vegan fun all the way!

The drinks and vegan bar food

Amalia is a bar that is one of a kind in many ways, the food, the vibe, the drinks here are quite unique and anyone vegan or not will fall in love with the interiors. Nestled in Novotel Hotel & Resort at Dona Sylvia the view from the bar is that of a swimming pool and white lounge chairs and the plush hotel property.

The bar has cut no corners when it comes to delivering the best of vegan dishes to its patrons. From vegan mac and cheese served with exotic veggies to the low cal crisps and dip nachos and buddha bowls even vegan coconut chocolate fudge cake, the options here are endless.

Amalia in Dona Sylvia Novotel, is Goa's first ever Vegan bar!

Not just that, the bar has also specially curated some vegan drinks that will blow your mind. The Spread Eagle Bloody Mary with wasabi infused vodka, tomato juice, celery salt, chilli and black pepper Tea mojito with fresh mint, earl grey tea, dark rum and maple syrup is a must try!

Knock Knock

The concept of a vegan bar is pretty fresh and a necessity to honest. Vegans gather up and hit the bar, next time you're looking to try something tropical and new. The food served here is pretty darn delicious, even by non vegetarians and non vegan standards. So go get yourself a vegan cocktail and a mac and cheese that is the epitome of comfort food and have yourself some Vegan fun!

Address: Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort Hotel, Cavelossim, Mobor, Salcette, Goa