Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, Goan Brewing Co. is offering free hand sanitiser refills

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic rush, many grocery stores and pharmacies have been facing a shortage of the basic essentials. People all over are panic buying which is leading to an inevitable crunch and expensive pricing but even during such a crisis, a 2yo Goan brewery has taken up a remarkable initiative

In wake of the hand sanitiser shortage situation in the state, Goa Brewing Co. is providing free of cost hand gels to local villagers, health workers, hospitals and government offices.

What's Good?

Goa Brewing Co. is now manufacturing hand sanitizers and they're providing free refills to anyone who shows up at the brewery with an empty bottle or a container, located in North Goa's Sangolda.

The chief brewer and co-founder of Goa Brewing Co., Ashtavinayak Paradh also stated that the brewery doesn't yet have the license to produce hand sanitisers so they've paired up with a Pune-based chemical manufacturer to procure it in bulk quantities. The hand sanitiser refill which they're handing out, essentially has isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol, which contains 70% alcohol and serves the same purpose.

Paradh further mentioned that 'rubbing alcohol' is just one of the many chemicals which is used to maintain the top-notch hygiene levels at the brewery. And using the same in such times of crisis for people at large, is at par with their company's social outreach code.

Knock Knock

The company took to its social media to announce the news. The post stated, "We are making these sanitisers available at a nominal cost to fight the shortage at key points across Goa. Our brewing team is making them using WHO specified ingredients, and we started it first for our local villagers and government department staff who were highly vulnerable due to the market shortage." So if you're visiting GBC for a refill, please call them before you do, so that they can help you out promptly!

People often mistake Goan food to be nothing more than fish, deep fried or grilled, much like they mistake the natural splendour here to only be restricted to beaches. However, Goa has so much more to offer than beach shacks when it comes to food and the best of Goan delicacies can be found at simple local restaurants that have mastered the flavours and the art of making local food.

For a foodie, going to Goa and not exploring the local cuisine here would be nothing less than a sin and when in the state we would suggest you not commit it.

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Goa as a state has long been known as a treasure trove for anyone who seeks culture, natural splendour and good food. The praises for Goa's beaches, its churches and its Portuguese influenced architecture, bring lakhs of tourists to the state's shore. However, Goa isn't just home to splendid churches and European style architecture, one could also find the reminiscents of Indian architecture and ancient culture imbibed in the very heart of Goa.

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