Attend the Goa Bird Festival 2020 because it’s gonna be fly AF!

Attend the Goa Bird Festival 2020 because it’s gonna be fly AF!

To promote avian tourism in the state, the Goa bird Festival is beckoning us all.

Goa is one of the hotspots of natural flora and fauna and no matter where you head over, the scenery is gonna appeals to you in heaps. Due to its sprawling landscape ranging from the Western Ghats in the east to the coastal areas in the west, Goa has an unparalleled avian diversity.

More than 450 species of birds have been reported in Goa till date and numerous resident & migratory species here, makes it a much sought-after locale for bird enthusiasts and photographers.

Given the popularity of the avian population in the state, the Goa Bird Festival is making its way back with the 3rd edition this January and it's gonna be fly af!

What's Happening?

From the 17th till the 19th of January, the 3rd edition of the Goa Bird Festival will be taking place at Forest Training School Complex in Valpoi, North. Amateur and expert birders alike, can take guided bird walks around the sanctuary, trek in the forests, attend wildlife film screenings and participate in photography competitions too.

The Goa Forest Department, Goa Tourism Department and Goa Bird Conservation Network are together organizing this event, which is surely gonna be an impeckable sight to behold.

The festival will also welcome some of the country's top naturalists, photographers and artists in the field of avian tourism and research. Eminent ornithologist Bikram Grewal, founder and CEO of Wildlife Trust of India Vivek Menon and photographer Anand Arya, among others, will host discussions and talks here.

You can even expect a photo exhibition here, featuring some of the best works of photographers as well as live demonstrations by artists on canvases!

Knock Knock

In order to proliferate a sense of awareness among the public, regarding the importance of conserving birds & its habitats, this festival plays a significant role. So if you're bored of your life amidst the concrete jungles, this is where you should be for your fix of nature and its charms.

Location: Forest Training School, Valpoi, North Goa

Date: 17th January to 19th January 2020

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