"Aurus" to the rescue; Life-saving AI robot deployed on Goa beaches

"Aurus" to the rescue; Life-saving AI robot deployed on Goa beaches

The AI robot has been appointed by Drishti Marine, a lifeguard services agency appointed by the state government.

Just as an AI powered Chatbot is taking the world by storm, we've been served with another example of the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence. Goa beaches are being patrolled by an AI-based life-saving robot named "Aurus", which is backed by an AI monitoring system known as "Triton".

10 "Aurus" units to be deployed on select Goa beaches by end of year

The life-saving robot has been deployed to assist lifesavers by alerting tourists whenever a high tide strikes and running patrols on the designated non-swim zones on Goa beaches. If confronted with any mishap, the fantastic "Aurus" will swiftly notify a nearby lifesaver.

According to a spokesperson at Drishti Marine, addition of "Aurus" will greatly enhance surveillance on beaches in Goa while also aiding in crowd management. As of now, robot "Aurus" can only be seen doing rounds at the Miramar Beach in North Goa. However, the lifeguard services agency have set a goal to deploy 10 "Aurus" units at different Goa beaches.

Aurus assisted in crowd management this New Year's eve

During the recent Christmas and New Year celebrations in Goa, which saw huge crowds gather on beaches, the life-saving robot "Aurus" was found patrolling the Miramar beach with a speaker mounted on it, assisting lifesavers by cautioning the tourists to stay away from non-swim zones and be aware of dangerous undercurrents.

And if past performances are anything to go by, the addition of "Aurus" is a welcome step towards making Goa beaches a safe space for tourists to have the time of their life, away from the threat of malicious high tides.

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