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Believed to be 5000 years old, Shree Ramnath temple tells the tale of Goa's distinct diversity

The temple is also an example of the modern architecture mixed with the basic elements of the intricate Dravidian style of architecture which is common is the temples of Southern India.

Goa as a state has long been known as a treasure trove for anyone who seeks culture, natural splendour and good food. The praises for Goa's beaches, its churches and its Portuguese influenced architecture, bring lakhs of tourists to the state's shore. However, Goa isn't just home to splendid churches and European style architecture, one could also find the reminiscents of Indian architecture and ancient culture imbibed in the very heart of Goa.

Said to have been established in the state over 5000 years ago, i.e 3000 BC, this stunning temple in Bandivade, Goa is a testament of the cultural diversity and religious harmony that the state has been privy to.

The coming together of Rama and Nath- Vishnu and Shiva

Legend says that the ancient temple of Ramnathi or Ramnath was established in 3000 BC, when Lord Rama was returning to Ayodhya after defeating and killing the Brahmin king Ravana. It is said that Rama was deeply troubled by the thought that he had to kill a brahmin in order to win his battle against evil and wanted to repent for the sin, for killing a Brahmin was considered the greatest of all sins in ancient times.

It is said that Rama built a Shivalinga and started praying to it, he prayed for forgiveness and seeing his dedication, Lord Shiva granted him an audience and asked him to head to Gorakhnath in order to make amends. The Ramnath temple has since been believed to be a holy place where the powers of Rama and Natha (Vishnu and Shiva) came together to become one.

Ramnathi Today

Today, Shree Ramnath temple is believed to be a place which holds cleansing and redefining energy, it is an important place of worship and pilgrimage for the followers of Hinduism. It is also said that the temple was originally built in South Goa's Loutolim (Salcette) and was later shifted to the present location to prevent it from being demolished by the Portuguese overlords.

The temple is also an example of the modern architecture mixed with the basic elements of the intricate Dravidian style of architecture which is common is the temples of Southern India.

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Shree Ramnath holds much significance for the Hindu worshippers of Shiva and Vishnu, as it is believed to be the confluence of energies of the two Gods.

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