Away from the shores of commotion, South Goa's Betul Beach is a secret land one must traverse!

The secluded sandy shore of South Goa's Betual Beach is calling out to you, so what're you waiting for?

Nestled on the southern-most tip of the 27-km shoreline that runs from the city of Vasco da Gama, the Betul Beach is a pristine, isolated stretch of land which witnesses the confluence of the Sal River into the Arabian Sea. Guarded away from the prying reach of the tourists, this beach is synonymous with calm and serenity, and if you too wish to get away from the peak tourist season influx, this is the place to be!

The Secret Shoreline of Betul

If you are a sucker for panoramic views and empty beaches, South Goa's Betul Beach would look way too good on your travel itinerary. Separated by a distance of 20.7 km from Margao, South Goa's biggest city, this sandy shoreline is one of the most well-kept secrets of the state.

A popular fishing hamlet among the locals, this beach is hidden from the pokes of tourists and commercialisation. Most of the people who turn-up here are those adventurous souls who explore the extensions of the nearby Mobor and Cavelossim beach, located on immediate north of Betul.

Frequented by red crabs and the best of Goa's mussels, this place is a heaven for people who are into fishing and you will also see multiple locals from the nearby Betul village coming over to catch a good quality load. The opposite shore of Sal, Goa's most prominent river, houses the Betul Lighthouse, which is open to the public, and you can reach here to exalt in the beauty of the golden horizon, the expansive stretch of the beach, the plenty of palm and casuarina trees and the flowing river beneath. If you are lucky, you might also catch a view of visiting dolphins!

How to reach the Betul Beach

If you are reaching here from the Dabolim International Airport, you have to take up the Dabolim-Cavelossim Road and the MDR43. This route is about 39.1 km long and it might take you over an hour and a half to reach here because of the heavy traffic. If you are coming from down south, you have to take road number 41 and 46 and pass through Quitol, Velim and Assolna. From there you have to take the Assolna-Cavesssion Bridge, cross the Sal River and get on to the narrow road to reach here.

It is a little work, but trust us, it is definitely worth it!

If you are planning to visit this place, the winter months, from October to April are the best suited. The weather is pleasant, the sea is calm and you get on for a boat ride, which is not possible in the rough-choppy waters during the monsoon. As this place is usually vacant, the shacks here are temporary and remain closed during the non-tourist season and if that's the period you are visiting here, you will not catch anything of significance.

Pro-Traveller's Tip

These following tips will help you get an idea on how to prepare yourself before you visit Betul Beach:

  1. Leave well in time. This place is located in isolation and it will take time to reach here. Account for the traffic and hit the roads accordingly to enjoy a good chunk of the day here
  2. Most beach shacks are temporary here, so gear yourself with food, snacks and a lot of water!
  3. Carry sunscreen, beachwear, sunglasses and a jacket, in case it gets windy. Also do pack your camera, for this place unfolds picturesque landscapes that you need to get on a roll!

UP mandates liquor license for domestic storage over the prescribed limit

According to the latest guidelines, only six litres of alcohol would be allowed per person or in a house without a license.

With the introduction of the revised excise policy, booze consumers need to be extra alert and careful about their liquor stocks at home. The Uttar Pradesh government has mandated the presence of a license for keeping liquor stocks above the prescribed limit within the household. As per the rules entailed in the policy, citizens would be required to have a license for purchasing, transporting and stocking liquor in excess of the authorized retail limit.

A limit of six litres per person or a single household

According to the latest guidelines, only six litres of alcohol would be allowed per person or in a house without a license. If an individual wants to consume more than this, he would have to obtain a license from the Excise Department at an annual fee of ₹ 12,000. In addition to this, ₹ 51,000 would have to be deposited as security money under the specified conditions.

"The state government has set a revenue target of Rs 6,000 crore more than Rs 34,500 crore in the year 2021-22, against Rs 28,300 crore in the year 2020-21 of the Excise Department. As a result, 7.5 percent increase in annual license fees for country liquor, foreign liquor retail shops, and model shops for the year 2021-22." stated the Additional Chief Secretary of the Excise Department. He further informed that there has been no increase in the retail shop license fees of beer through the revised policy.

New policy promotes liquor production in the state

The ADC also mentioned that the new policy encapsulates provisions that would encourage liquor production in the state. As per one of its clauses, the liquor produced in the state from the state-grown fruits will be exempted from consideration duty for the next five years.

Mumbai may flag-off the first, Made in India Metro on corridors 2-A and 7 by May 2021

Enabling rapid transport, 2 new metro lines to get operational in Mumbai

The Maharashtra Urban Development Minister has revealed its plan to open two Mumbai metro corridors for public use by May 2021. Metro line 2-A, from Dahisar to DN Nagar and Corridor 7, from Dahisar E-Andheri E, may get operational by end of May this year, stated the Development Minister. As per reports, these two lines will use the first-ever Made in India carriages which are being manufactured in Bangalore. The first six metro cars will be delivered to Mumbai in the next six months, informed the Urban Development Ministry.

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Towards a self-reliant India: IIM Indore to assist in boosting MP's industrial ecosystem

The institute will help in improving the ease of doing business index for the state, amongst many other things.

The Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation has signed an agreement with the managerial body of IIM Indore for enhancing the industrial sector of the Indian state. As per the three-year-long MOU, the IIM body would assist the state government in chalking out plans for building up its industrial infrastructure and drafting policies aimed at attracting investors.

Enhancing MP's brand value for setting up industries a priority

Amidst the unstable circumstances brought by the COVID pandemic, the Madhya Pradesh government is trying hard to stabilise the state economy. With a focus to revive and boost industrial development in the state, the government is executing projects for the growth and expansion of industries, one of which is the latest agreement. As per the new MOU with the top-notch B-school, the management body at IIM Indore would help the state machinery in strengthening its industrial sector.

Experts from the Indian Institute of Management would work out plans for the Global Investors summit in addition to suggesting changes for the state's industrial policy. They will not only aid in improving the brand value of Madhya Pradesh but also recommend policies that can amplify the state's ease of doing business index. Based on their recommendations, the government would alter its industrial policy and make room for accommodating new proposals.

Looking forward to an ecosystem that supports & nourishes industries

As per reports, the director of the institute stated that it is important to establish an ecosystem in the state which supports and nourishes business and industries. All interventions in this regard would not just help the state but also propel the spirit of a self-reliant India. While the Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation is bound to implement plans for promoting the state's industrial sector, the current initiative would help the organization in augmenting its framework and increasing its research and development capacity.

Fighter aircraft, Rafale will soon be able to take off & land at UP's Purvanchal Expressway

Soon, top-of-the-line fighter planes, such as Rafale or Sukhoi, will be able to take off and land from the expressway.

To maximise the reach of Military across the nation, its bases are being stretched in every direction and the newest region in the checklist is the Purvanchal Expressway in Uttar Pradesh. The government is developing a stretch of 3.2 kilometres near the Sultanpur district on the Expressway as an air-strip to shoulder combat aircraft. Soon, top-of-the-line fighter planes, such as Rafale or Sukhoi, will be able to take off and land from here.

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In Rajasthan’s vaccination drive on Sunday, Jaipur records the lowest turnout

Jaipur has witnessed vaccination of only 51% of the designated individuals in the six days of immunization.

Speeding-up the covid-19 immunization in Rajasthan, the state's health department conducted vaccination drives at 408 centres on Sunday. Though the objective was to vaccinate more than 38,000 healthcare workers, reports have stated that about 26,255 individuals(67% of the target) were inoculated by the end of the day. Jaipur, the state capital recorded the lowest rate of the target achievement by vaccinating only 41% of the designated number.

39% target achievement rate recorded for COVAXIN in Jaipur

There has been an increment in the number of Covaxin sites in Jaipur, totaling up to 11. The natively developed vaccine is currently being administered to the healthcare workers only in Jaipur. Around 430 individuals out of the targetted 1,116 healthcare workers received the Covaxin jab on Sunday, registering a target completion rate of 39%. In all other districts across the state, 68% of the total intended beneficiaries were administered the Covishield vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India. Achieving a target completion rate of 100.5%, Sikar outshone all other districts in the state.

After receiving the dose, 12 recipients of the Covishield vaccine experienced effects while no adverse effect was reported for Covaxin.

Vaccination sites are being increased daily

As per reports, a senior official from the health department stated that new vaccination sites are being set up daily and the state aims to immunize 4.5 lakh citizens as soon as possible. While there were 167 vaccination centres for the first four days of the drive in the state, the count stood at 408 on the sixth day. Through these days, over 93,500 individual have been given the COVID-19 jab which is 21% of the total target.

Jaipur, the city with the highest reported COVID cases in the state has recorded a cumulative target attaintment of 51% for the vaccination drives conducted in the past days. While Bundi has been successful in wtnessing the highest cumulative rate, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Sikar are among the front runners.

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