A day-out at the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary will reveal an unseen dimension in Goa

A day-out at the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary will reveal an unseen dimension in Goa

With its rose parks, botanical gardens, zoo and safari parks, this place is more than enough to keep you engaged on a day-out of exploration!

There's a lot to the state of Goa beyond its happening beach parties and casino scenes, and if you are someone who is planning a trip to the coastal state for the first time or somebody who frequently chills at the beautiful Goa beaches, you need to look at Goa from an all-new lens this holiday season!

While the state's coastline has a charm that nobody can escape, it is time you traverse to the interiors and witness the diverse flora and fauna which will rejuvenate your tired souls in the laps of nature! One such place on our list of recommendations is the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the northeastern region of the state. Spread over a lush expanse of 8 square kilometre, it is one of the smallest sanctuaries in Goa, located 38 km from Margao. However, with its rose parks, botanical gardens, zoo and safari parks, it is more than enough to keep you engaged on a day-out of exploration!

How to reach the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary?

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The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Ponda Taluka of North Goa and is easily accessible from both Panjim and Margao. You can either catch a bus from either city to reach the destination or travel via a private car or hired taxi. Similar facilities are also available from the Goa International Airport.

The best time to be here is during the colder months, extending from October to April, when the animals are all out to bask in the golden sun, making your sight-seeing a total hit! Goa experiences monsoon from June to September and the mud, muck and puddles not only stand as impeding hurdles before your explorer vibes but also discourage the animals to roam around in the open grounds. So, save yourself from the boiling hot summer sun and opt for months where you can get going without worrying over the sun-burns!

What to do here?

The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary encompasses a whole host of things, that will ensure you have a day full of fun and frolic here. Wildly popular among young children, this sanctuary is home to a zoo, a deer safari park, a botanical garden, a rehabilitation centre for animals, Dhudhsagar plantation, Nature Education Centre and Shantadurga Temple.

Let out the explorer in you and follow the natural trails here to get your dose of adventure and thrill! Lined with several uncharted hiking trails, this place will take you close to the rawest realms of nature.

Pro Travellers' Tip

Before you set to embark your eventful journey into the covers of the Bondla Sanctuary make note of the following things to enjoy the day without any hassles:

  • Wear your most comfortable gear. Ditch the sandals and chappals for goos sports shoes, which will help you to easily scale uneven terrains here.
  • Carry sufficient water and your cameras. There are way too many sights here that you need to film!
  • The Sanctuary is a no-plastic zone. Switch all your essentials from plastic bags to paper bags explorers! Do not litter within the premises of the garden, the in-house animals may find and chew it which may pose a risk to their health.
  • Do not trouble the aminals unnecessarily, it may add on to your troubles only!
  • AND if you're spending the night at the forest resorts here, then do not miss out spending time.

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