COVID-19 treatment clocks 70% success rate with Remdesivir, plasma steroid combination in Goa

Goa to increase testing capacities to conduct 2,000 to 2,500 tests daily.

Obtaining a treatment strategy with the combination of antiviral Remdesivir, plasma and steroid treatment for COVID-19 patients, the state of Goa has attained a 70% success rate informed the Health Minister on Friday, and further stated that Goa will continue the successful treatment protocol along with a continually evolving arrangement to administer and treat post COVID-19 complications with a holistic approach and proper follow-ups.

COVID-19 Treatment Boosts in Goa

"Remdesivir has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), as one of the drugs for Covid-19. In Goa, we have also found that plasma in a combination with Remdesivir and maybe in certain proportion with steroids, has given us excellent results. So, we are going ahead with this protocol as far as Goa is concerned," Rane told a press conference in Panaji, Goa. "Remdevisir should be given immediately when the patient is admitted within a specific period of time, and if during this period, plasma is administered it helps in raising the saturation level and prevents further damage to the lungs..." he also said.

Health Minister further highlighted that besides primary contraction, a whole host of post-infection problems and health irregularities- like weakened immunity, reduced lung capacity, fibrosis etc - also arise. These vulnerabilities, especially in the elderly age groups, need to be monitored as well treated medically, and a system of counsellors are being put into action to advise the patients undergoing home isolation, for the safety on the family members/inmates.

The Health Minister said that the treatment protocol for COVID-19 had developed since the outbreak and the state government is now working on moving patients under prolonged home isolation directly to government health facilities, to reduce fatalities. Goa's present virus mortality count marks a total of 564 deaths. "Instructions have been given, that in case after 10 days or 12 days, they find that the patient still has symptoms, they should not waste time, they should shift the home isolation patient to a medical facility. This will help save more lives so that he does not come in a state of breathlessness," the Health Minister said.

Beefing up COVID-19 Testing

The Health Minister said that the state would scale its testing apparatus to conduct between 2,000 to 2,500 tests daily, to achieve a comprehensive picture of the pandemic status, which marked over 41,586 cases in the coastal state so far. The Health Minister also said that there was little merit in testing entire villages for COVID-19 in case a positive case was found in the vicinity and added that testing needs to be more focussed. "We want to keep testing at a minimum of 2,000-2,500 per day," he said in a statement.

-With inputs from IANS

With stringent SOPs in place, cinema halls, pools & gatherings can now resume in Goa

Goa lifts restrictive curbs, authorises SOP for civic safety.

In an order issued in Goa on Saturday, the authorities have permitted all cinema halls, swimming pools, gatherings for religious, social, cultural, educational, entertainment and sports events to resume, under the strict surveillance of a preventive standard operating procedure. The directive details that all swimming pools can operate for training and sports purposes, whereas, cinema halls and all other events in Goa will function at half the potential capacity of the venue.

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UP government to use ethanol to turn its sugarcane production into 'green gold'

The sugar industry here in UP employs about 6.50 lakh people directly and indirectly.

As a result of continuous efforts of the government, Uttar Pradesh has now become the highest (126.10 crore litres annually) ethanol supplying state in the country. Additionally, the UP government is steadily attempting to turn sugarcane into 'green gold' through ethanol and at the moment, an overall of 50 distilleries are manufacturing this stock. Just last year, two mills were producing this organic chemical compound from heavy molasses and this time, the number has increased to 20. Uttar Pradesh is the largest sugarcane producing state in the country and according to a government spokesman, out of the total sugar mills in India, 119 are here.

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Mumbai's sero-survey reveals 75% of citizens have had COVID; active cases rise by 20% in a week

COVID infection transmission & sero-prevelance rise simultaneously in Mumbai!

A recent sero-survey conducted in 6 Mumbai slums revealed that 3 in every 4 people have COVID antibodies, which is suggestive of past infection. The survey sampled about 806 residents from six slums— Machimar Nagar, the transit camp in Ambedkar Nagar, Ganesh Murthy Nagar Part 1, Ganesh Murthy Nagar Part 3, and Geeta Nagar. Conducted over a course of 5 days, from October 5 to October 10, this survey has advocated Mumbai's immunity as the highest among all those reported in India until now. Besides culturing herd immunity, the dynamic spread of the deadly virus is also spreading exponentially in the city, where active cases have shot up by a clear 20% in the last 7 days. At present, Mumbai's active caseload stands at 15,610, pushing the total tally of confirmed cases to 2,82,821.

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South Goa District Hospital to be upgraded into a state-of-the-art COVID-19 facility soon!

The work of requisitioning all required equipment for the new hospital is currently underway.

The new South Goa district hospital will soon be upgraded into state-of-the-art COVID health facility, that will have modern medical facilities and tools along with ICUs and OTs. With excellent patient reviews about treatment facilities, doctors, attending staff, hygiene maintenance alike, the state is all set to boost the strengths of the hospital to shoulder the caseload with prime defence.

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