COVID curfew in Goa may extend beyond July 12 amid pandemic fears

COVID curfew in Goa may extend beyond July 12 amid pandemic fears

The state level curfew in Goa was first imposed on May 9, with the onset of the second wave of the coronavirus.

Amid the widespread threat of COVID-19, the presence of new virus strains and the expected 'third wave', the Goa Chief Minister on Friday hinted that the state-level curfew might be extended here. In a public statement, the CM stated that the government needs to think about continuing the state curfew beyond July 12. It may be noted that some relaxations, with respect to operations of restaurants, bars and outdoor sports complexes were awarded on July 2 here.

COVID curfew has been extended again

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The state of Goa is considering to extend the statewide COVID curfew in wake of the persistent pandemic threat here. The current curfew restrictions are valid until July 12 in a bid to prevent another infection spike. Goa was caught in the eye of the storm during the second wave of coronavirus, logging an exponential rise of cases every day. As such, this move is being weighed as a necessary precaution to avert a similar situation in the future.

The state-level curfew had been first imposed on May 9 in Goa, in wake of the rising number of infections and deaths due to the second swell. The curfew has been extended periodically on six occasions, since its imposition.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister also announced that the government is planning to award more relaxation during the extended period after July 12. This statement hints at the state's idea of initiating a phased unlocking in Goa to ensure full control over the pandemic situation.

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