Cyclonic turbulences expected to bring rain for Maharashtra & Goa on Monday-Tuesday

Cyclonic turbulences expected to bring rain for Maharashtra & Goa on Monday-Tuesday

IMD has predicted that a cyclonic storm accelerating over the Bay of Bengal will cause this downpour

As cyclonic circumstances brew over the Bay of Bengal, their effects will be seen along India's western coastlines and mainland regions too. According to reports, the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that the cyclone will strengthen leading to showers over some areas of Maharashtra excluding Mumbai, on Monday and Tuesday. Further, high-speed winds coupled with thunder and lightning are expected to envelop the Konkan regions, central parts of Maharashtra and Goa.

Goa to witness heavy rains again after Cyclone Tauktae

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After the state of Goa managed a difficult journey through the after-effects of cyclone Tauktae, it will now experience altered weather conditions for the second time in a row. It is expected that high-speed winds to the range of 30-40 Km per hour will hit the coastal state in the next two days. In addition to this, these circumstances will also prevail across the Konkan regions and the central parts of Maharashtra.

As per reports, IMD has stated that southwest monsoons are nearing the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which would accentuate a strong cyclone over the Bay of Bengal by May 25. Due to this, heavily moisture-laden clouds are expected to make their way to the atmosphere of Goa and Maharashtra, propelling rains over some regions of the territories. Additionally, mercury levels are expected to soar, leading to a hike of 2-3 degrees Celsius across these areas in the upcoming days. Given the present situation, it can be said that the monsoons have arrived too soon this year.

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