Dedicated ward for treating 'black fungus' established in Goa

Dedicated ward for treating 'black fungus' established in Goa

6 individuals from Goa have fallen prey to the infection and one of them succumbed to it.

Alarmed by the recent escalation in 'black fungus' infections, the Goa administration has formed a special ward to treat people dealing with this fatal problem. As per the recent developments, a 20-bed facility has been dedicated to the diagnosis and cure of such patients. Announcing this decision on Friday, the Goa Health Minister ensured quick and reliable treatments for the people suffering from this disease.

A step towards faster and assured treatment

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"In view of the cases related to black fungus, we are dedicating a separate ward of 20 beds to specifically deal with cases of covid along with black fungus," said Vishwajit Rane, the Health Minister. Informing the citizens about the state of the epidemic, the Health Ministry had stated earlier that around 6 cases of black fungus were detected in Goa. One out of these patients lost the battle against the deadly disease due to a high CT score.

With the establishment of the new facility, the state attempts to provide relief to the infected individuals. Given the nature of the disease and the high fatality rate at severe stages, it is important to arrest the spread in its nascent stage. If the needed drugs and required medication are provided in the early stage, the chances of hastened recovery increase significantly.

Pediatric ward set up to deal with the second wave

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Alerted by the anticipations of the third wave and its effects on children, the state officials have set up a 60-bed pediatric ICU in Goa Medical College. Further, it has been stated that this facility can be augmented to encapsulate a total of 100 beds. "We are getting our infrastructure ready to deal with other complicated cases due to the new strain of covid under the guidance of the Chief Minister," stated the Health Minister.

- With inputs from IANS

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