E-bikes to cost 30% cheaper than fuel-run vehicles with Goa Electric Vehicle Promotion Policy

E-bikes to cost 30% cheaper than fuel-run vehicles with Goa Electric Vehicle Promotion Policy

Goa government is executing multiple measures to promote the sale of eco-friendly vehicles.

In a bid to boost the market of electricity-powered two-wheelers, Goa Electric Vehicle Promotion Policy entails provisions for significant subsidies in this sector. Cutting the cost by a considerable 30% as contrasted with a similar petrol-run vehicle, the new policy will encourage the individuals to opt for using a non-conventional source of energy. Expected to be resolved within the next 2 months, this policy brings an advantage that would benefit the state and the citizens, alike.

A move to boost comprehensive growth in the field of electric mobility

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As per reports, two-wheelers make for more than 50% of Goa's automobile sales. Now, the new rules in this policy aims to revamp the industry by motivating startups and investments to provide enhanced electric mobility solutions. Additionally, developments in the fields of allied and related sectors such as mobility as a service (MaaS), autonomous vehicles, data analytics and information technology will also be accelerated. Further, the establishment of battery repair and facilities for upkeep will also lead to expansion in employment and opportunities.

Through this policy, research & development, skill development and inventive projects will be propelled in the field of electric vehicles. In addition to this, the government envisions to provide all the required facilities by setting up charging stations at regular intervals. Reportedly, the draft policy includes guidelines for installing charging points at distances of 25Km on the highway and at every 3km within the district limits. The policy takes care of all essentials, detailing swift charging alternatives and provisions for exchanging batteries.

Policy to be functional for four years after implementation

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All public and private charging spots ensure strict adherence to all the guidelines sanctioned by the central administration, as apprised on October 1, 2019. Aligning with the standards set by Bharat EV charger AC-001 and Bharat EV charger DC-001, the complexes shall act according to the latest orders, reportedly.

Reports say that the policy will be functional for a period of 4 years once implemented, which may be extended if the results are fruitful. Reportedly, all types of electric vehicles including two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger cars and commercial light/heavy vehicles authorised by the Goa RTO office are incorporated in this policy.

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