Escape into the enchanting environs of Chorao island, away from the crowded locales in Goa!

If you are somebody in search of less-trudged places, this has to top your list of must-visit places!

Be it, an exciting escape amid abundant adventures or a calm repose in the lap of nature, do we have a better option than Goa? We surely don't! But the coastal state, boasting of ample modern-day parties and celebrations, seldom pushes some of its blissful locations back in the shadows. One such arresting location, often neglected by itineraries, is the Chorao island, located on the famous Mandovi river. If you are somebody in search of less-trudged places, this has to top your list of must-visit places!

Bird sanctuary, churches, temples & much more!

The largest of all 17 Goan islands by land area, Chorao is a storehouse of mythological stories. Called in the ancient times as 'Chudamani' to commemorate a story of Krishna and Yashoda, the island was renamed as Ilha Dos Fidalgos or the 'Island of noblemen' after the Portuguese settlers arrived.

The island houses the largest bird sanctuary in Goa called 'Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary' sprawling over 178 hectares of land. From a wide variety of birds like kingfishers, coots, egrets, pintails etc., to some of Goa's astonishing wild animals and crocodiles, the sanctuary is a gold mine for nature lovers. Given its heritage of the catholic times, Chorao island has a string of churches resplendent with neo-roman architectural style with St. Bartholomew's Church being the most famous. Among other highlights are the 'Our Lady of Grace Church' and Saptakoteshwar Temple.

On your route to Chorao Island-

Situated at a distance of 5 Km from Goa's capital, Panjim, Chorao is easily accessible from other major towns in Goa. You can travel to the island via a ferry from Ribandar, additionally, there are well-established routes to Chorao from Mapusa and Vasco too. You would be surprised by the facilities provided by the ferries that can haul a car and smaller vehicles too! If you plan a trip, make sure to include the soothing sunrise in your schedule.

Knock Knock

We know that crowded parties full of festive fervour are synonymous with Goa but sometimes a serene day is all that our heart desires. So if you are like us, oscillating between the party-pomp and a peaceful retreat, Chorao definitely deserves a place in your itinerary!

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