Goa, come celebrate a 'Red Christmas', the Purple Martini way at Sunset Point in Anjuna

Goa, come celebrate a 'Red Christmas', the Purple Martini way at Sunset Point in Anjuna

With the Christmas and New Year right around the corner, Goa currently is packed full with parties and people looking to be a part of epic parties. Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most loved and celebrated festival in the state and we expect to be a part of not just epic parties but cozy events where we can be with our families and celebrate the beautiful day.

If you're looking for a fun place to be or a good Christmas event to be a part of in Goa, well we have just the thing for you! Purple Martini in Goa is throwing a big Red Christmas bash were you can get a mix of fun, family and party.

Red Christmas at Sunset Point, Anjuna

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For the Red Christmas celebration, Purple Martini is pulling out all the stops of fun and enjoyment. On the day of Christmas, these guys are throwing a three-fold bash where you can immerse in three wholly different kinds of Christmas experiences.

Purple Martini has come up with a lunch with live sitar rendition, a chill and romantic evening with saxophone and finally a night with live music & DJ. With these events Purple Martini has come up with a full package deal, a subtle lunch session offer on food and more for people who want to immerse in the festivities with family and friends and are looking for a more chill time.

While the evening will suit those the most, who're looking for a more immersive evening affair to share with a loved one, maybe have an early romantic dinner. For those who can think of nothing better than to be a part of a late night party, shake a leg, groove to the electric beats, the live DJ night at Purple Martini is exactly what is needed.

Knock Knock

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Purple Martini's Red Christmas bash is exactly what you need this Christmas, especially with the many events that are happening at the venue. We would highly recommend heading here for lunch and enjoying the various offers on food and beverages as well as the subtle ambience.

Make sure to make your bookings in advance as the place is generally overbooked.

Date: December 25, Wednesday

Timing: Live Sitar Lunch 1pm - 4pm | Sundowner evening with live Saxophone 4pm - 7pm | Live DJ Night 7pm - 1am

For Reservations Call : 91-9871900995 or RSVP on Facebook

Venue: Purple Martini at Sunset Point, Anjuna

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