Goa bolsters screening at Maha border amid increasing threat of Delta Plus strain

Goa bolsters screening at Maha border amid increasing threat of Delta Plus strain

While the Delta Plus strain is not detected here, Goa has reported 26 cases of Delta strain coronavirus infection as yet.

The state of Goa has raised alarms in view of the rising threat of the Delta Plus mutation of the coronavirus in Maharashtra. As such, the administration has increased COVID screening along its overlapping borders with South Maharashtra. The Chief Minister on Wednesday, informed about the bolstered vigil at the shared Sindhudurg district boundary, where the Delta Plus variant has already been traced.

Goa adopts quick sampling & testing to screen Delta Plus COVID strain

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After the offshore trend of the second wave of coronavirus in Goa, the state is fearing the rise of another COVID attack in the form of the deadly Delta Plus variant. The COVID-19 strain is continually adapting and evolving to pelt stronger impact on the victims and this new mutation is no different. Authorities fear that the rapid spread of the new infection may soon envelop the coastal state, if necessary precautions are not adopted.

"In the nearby districts in Sindhudurg, the Delta Plus variant has been found, so screening at the borders is going on. We have also given permissions to set up a private laboratory at the border," the Chief Minister said. Besides, rapid testing and quick results of the samples at the borders themselves would help the screening process better.

While the Delta Plus strain has not been detected in Goa as yet, the Chief Minister informed that about 26 samples tested in the state, were found positive for the Delta variant. As of now, the state nurses a total of 2,920 active coronavirus cases.

Goa COVID update

On Tuesday, around 303 new infections and 438 recoveries were reported in Goa. The state has furnished a total of 1,59,029 recoveries as yet with a stable 96.4% recuperation ratio in the last week. The fatality toll surged by 11 virus-related deaths in the last 24 hours, aggregating the total count to 3,008.

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