Goa Carnival 2022 to be held from Feb 26 to March 1

Goa Carnival 2022 to be held from Feb 26 to March 1

Floats with political themes will not be permitted to partake in the parade this year as per the Model Code of Conduct

Witnessing a decline in COVID cases, the government of Goa has given a go-ahead to this year's Carnival in the coastal state from February 26. In collaboration with the local municipal bodies, the Department of Tourism will organise this annual celebration in Goa till March 1. As per officials, this one-of-a-kind event will be organised in compliance with all the stipulated COVID protocols. To know the details of the upcoming Goa Carnival 2022, continue reading.

Parades to follow COVID protocols & Model Code of Conduct

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Carnival parades will kickstart on February 26 in Panaji and move to Margao on February 27. On February 28, the floating parade will move to Vasco whereas Mapusa will hold the parade on the final day, which is March 1.

Notably, in line with the Model Code of Conduct that is currently effective across Goa in view of the upcoming Assembly Election 2022, floats with political themes will not be permitted to partake in the parade this year. Additionally, commercial floats will also not be allowed in this year's celebration in view of the ongoing pandemic.

A tradition from the Portuguese colonial era

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Traditionally, three days preceding Lent (February) are celebrated with music, fun, drinks and dance after a period of mourning, fasting and abstinence for 40 days as per the Catholic faith. The Carnival will be kicked off on Saturday evening from 3:30 PM with a colossal procession headed by King Momo.

Due to COVID, this yearly celebration had to be tuned down last year to avoid a resurgence of infections in the coastal city. However, this year, the carnival will be marked with vibrant float parades, dancing and community events setting a spirited vibe all across Goa, once again!

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