1 lakh more jabs needed to achieve 100% first dose coverage in Goa

1 lakh more jabs needed to achieve 100% first dose coverage in Goa

About 64.6% of Goa's local population has received the first shot of COVID vaccination.

With the vaccination of another 1 lakh beneficiaries, Goa will be able to achieve its target 100% COVID vaccination coverage for its eligible population. As per reports, the state has been planning to restart tourism activities after this feat is met. The deadline for the same had been announced as July 31. The CM has appealed to the public to come forward and get the anti-virus jab to accelerate the process.

Prioritising vaccination of school teachers

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The state of Goa has led an outstanding vaccination programme and now has only 1 lakh people left, who need to get the COVID jab for 100% coverage of the first dose. As per official records, around 64.6% of the eligible local population has received the first shot of the vaccine. Of this, 14.8% are completely immunised. Around 12,21,997 doses have been administered in Goa since the launch of the national inoculation drive on January 16, this year.

The administration is now shifting focus to also accelerate the process of administering second doses to all. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the Chief Minister reportedly stated that the state has written to the Centre to grant a shorter gap between two doses of vaccine for the teachers. This has been proposed to create a conducive environment to reopen schools for on-premises physical classes, once a decision regarding this is taken.

"We have requested the central government to allow faster vaccination of teachers. If the request is granted, we will facilitate (vaccination) within 30 days. Teachers will be fully vaccinated and safe for teaching purposes. If we eventually decide to re-open schools, it will be in a safe environment," the CM added said. He, however, added that a formal decision to re-open schools has not been taken yet.

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