Goa curfew to extend with existing norms till May 31 amid persistent virus threat

Goa curfew to extend with existing norms till May 31 amid persistent virus threat

Corona curfew was first imposed in Goa on May 9.

The state of Goa has extended the coronavirus curfew till May 31 amid the continuous threat of widescale spread. This shutdown was first enforced here on May 9 and has been stretched for the second time, from May 23 to the end of the month, to break the chain of coronavirus. As per reports, all existing restrictions will continue here, without alterations and only essential services will remain operational here.

Coronavirus restrictive guidelines

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The Goa administration has permitted only essential services to remain operational during the curfew hours. These too will be allotted specific hours of operations, in a bid to keep a check on increased public movement. Now, all grocery and liquor stores in the state will be allowed to function only from 7 AM to 1 PM. On the other hand, pharmacies, medical stores and restaurants can operate from 7 AM to 7 PM. All other services will remain locked under the blanket shutdown.

On Monday, around 1,401 fresh virus cases were reported in Goa, recording a marginal dip in the cases here. Recovery has been pegged at 87.4% and a total of 2,362 were cured of the virus in the last 24 hours. With 38 virus-related death in a single day yesterday, the state is nursing an active tally of 16,278 patients, presently.

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