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Goa government issues new entry & isolation guidelines for travellers

All symptomatic patients will remain in institutional quarantine until test results are released

The government of Goa has set-up new guidelines, operating protocol and procedures for all travellers reaching Goa by any transportation mode. The Airport Authority of India has also revealed that a mandatory paid institutional quarantine will be levied on all symptomatic patients until they test negative of the novel coronavirus. Rules for travel via road and railways have also been altered and here is what travellers need to note:

New rules, new guidelines

All passengers reaching Goa by air will have to observe a compulsory home or paid institutional quarantine for 2 weeks. These patients also have to back their health status with the 'SAFE' label in Aarogya Setu App or a self declaration that testifies the same. Exemption from this 14 day isolation is only possible if the passengers have a negative Covid-19 report dated no older than 48 hours of travel and landing. Similarly, all individuals, who opt for a swab test at the Goa Airport, will be tested by the authorised medical team at an expense of ₹2000 and will also have to undergo a paid isolation until test results are announced.

Covid care centre in Goa

Home-quarantine guidelines include the patients to pre-book their accommodation which is licensed to operate with the affiliation of the Department of Tourism of the State Government. This booking must extend till the complete duration of the visit and this shall be verified and the state entry points. If the travellers wish to change the location of their accommodation at any point during their stay, they can only move to those units that are sanctioned to operate by the Department of Tourism. A pre-booking will also be required for this and a form for contact tracing must also be submitted by the travellers. Symptomatic patients will have to undergo screening tests at the authorised facilities at their own expenses.

Rules for road travel have also altered- People no longer need an interstate travel permission and a self deceleration form will now do the job. This online form is only required for entry in the state. The passengers also need to back their health status with the Green/SAFE indication on the Aarogya Setu App.

Railway station in Goa

For those entering the state by trains, they must confirm their health status with the 'SAFE' indication of Aarogya Setu App. A virus test of ₹2000 is mandatory on reaching Goa for all passengers excepts those who are under the purview of the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana. Until the test results are obtained, travellers will be kept in isolation. This precautionary quarantine may last up-to 8 to 10 hours. For those travellers whose end destination is Goa, the documents of a local residential address is required as proof. For those who test negative for the virus have to be in a compulsory home isolation for 14 days and will be marked with indelible ink. The state currently has 1,251 confirmed cases and 721 active cases.

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