Goa government to take control of admission procedures at all private hospitals from Monday

Goa government to take control of admission procedures at all private hospitals from Monday

The bed vacancy for coronavirus patients will rise in the coastal state.

The state of Goa on Saturday, gained control over the admission of COVID-19 patients in 21 private hospitals across the territory. This authority will include private healthcare systems as an extension of the state-run setups and ease the load off the government health infrastructures. Reportedly, the decision will come into effect from Monday and simultaneously, the bed vacancy for coronavirus patients will rise in the coastal state.

Goa govt creates bed vacancy amid pandemic threat

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Once the state administration takes control over the admission protocols of private hospitals, it will facilitate free of cost COVID-19 treatment. All expenses will be covered by the state's DDSSY (Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana) scheme, the Chief Minister stated, adding that the hospital management will remain under the private sector only.

The decision comes in wake of the increasing pressure on the government treatment agencies, such as the Goa Medical College and Hospitals which was nursing almost double its potential load. On the other hand, private hospitals stonewalled the administration's request to reserve 50% of beds for COVID patients. In some instances, it was also noted that private institutes were not regulating the treatment cost under the DDSSY scheme and were charging exorbitant bills to those admitted here

Thus, in an urgency to provide affordable treatment for all amid rising tallies and tolls, the state was compelled to take control over the admission protocol of all 21 private hospitals running in the state. "As a result of this every patient will be admitted to hospitals", the CM said in a statement.

Test positivity ratio dips in Goa

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The Chief Minister also expressed relief in view of the declining rate of test positivity rate in the state. On Saturday, the ratio had come down to 35% from the highest 51% just a few days ago. The COVID-19 hike was arrested at 1,957 new cases on Saturday, marking the 5th consecutive day of continual dip here. As of now, the state is nursing 30,774 active cases, while the aggregate count stands at 1,34,542. Out of this, about 1,01,712 have recovered, while 2,056 have succumbed to the virus, as yet.

-With inputs from IANS

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