Goa flags off 4th edition of its annual Bird Fest for a peek into the state's avian life

Goa flags off 4th edition of its annual Bird Fest for a peek into the state's avian life

The bird festival in Goa is witnessing the participation of around 100 delegates from the state and other parts of the country.

Known for housing around 40% of the bird species found in India, the state of Goa kick-started the fourth edition of the annual bird festival on Friday in Mollem, Dharbandora. The bird-fest, which was inaugurated by the CM of the coastal state, is scheduled for a period of 3 days and will conclude on Sunday. In addition to this, the CM also launched the recently developed biodiversity park at Dharbondra.

Rally organised as a part of pre-fest celebrations

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As a part of pre-launch celebrations, Goa witnessed an awareness rally that toured through the towns of Quepem, Margao, Ponda, Dharbandora and Mollem on Thursday. Ushering in excitement for the Goenkars, the rally was given a green signal by the Quempen Councillor while the event was also graced by the Chief Wildlife Warden and Deputy Conservator of forests, wildlife and eco-tourism (North).

At the launch event for the rally, the councillor highlighted the significance of the forest ecosystem for human beings. He further affirmed that he hopes for a productive intermingling of ideas between the delegates at the festival. He also informed that the movement for forest preservation and wildlife conservation had women leaders at the forefront.

100 delegates from Goa & other parts of the country at the bird fest

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As per reports, the avian festival in Goa is witnessing the participation of around 100 delegates from the state and other parts of the country. Among the most attractive events at the fest are guided bird tours, eminent ornithologists and cultural programs. Additionally, other programmes are also being organised to facilitate a better understanding of the lives of birds.

Knock Knock

The scenic state provides a home to a wide variety of fauna, among which the 450 species of birds in its ecosystem shine the brightest. The focus on wildlife conservation, that the festival stands for, is surely the need of the hour. If you are an avid birdwatcher or just someone, who is fed up with towering buildings in the city, then you must pay a visit here!

Location: Biodiversity Park, Mollem

Schedule: 5th to 7th February

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