Central Sports Ministry approves 2 Khelo India centres to be set up across Goa!

Central Sports Ministry approves 2 Khelo India centres to be set up across Goa!

The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs has approved a total of 143 Khelo India centres to be set up across 7 states.

Ushering in a wave of excitement for game and fitness enthusiasts in Goa, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs has announced that 2 Khelo India centres will be instituted in Goa. This comes as a part of the recent approval by the central ministry, which stated that 143 Khelo India centres will be set up across 7 states. With the implementation of this latest initiative, the coastal state will be facilitated with a strengthened sports infrastructure.

New sports complexes to benefit the state in umpteen ways!

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According to the press release by the central body, Goa will get the two centres at an approximate cost of ₹80 lakhs. Expected to be established in two different districts of the state, the sites would act as a cradle for budding sports professionals. As per reports, the authorities in Goa will try to rope in ex-players and retired sportsmen, who have championed in their respective fields, to take up the role of coach or mentors at the new centres.

It has been stated by reports that the Sports Authority of Goa will receive the funds from the Sports Authority of India for the latest projects. As per reports, the Sports Minister from Goa's cabinet expressed his gratitude towards the central minister for choosing the state as one of the beneficiaries of the recently announced scheme.

The Central Sports Minister mentioned that the country needs to be prepared for the 2028 Olympics by ameliorating its resources at the district and regional level. With the setting of the new centres, a better quality of equipment and other facilities shall aid the officials in finding raw talent, which can be nurtured for winning acclaims at national and international platforms.

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