COVID tallies in Goa shoot up higher with more than 30k new cases in the past 10 days!

COVID tallies in Goa shoot up higher with more than 30k new cases in the past 10 days!

State government has recommended Ivermectin for all citizens in the state above the age of 18, as a preventive treatment.

The second wave of the COVID pandemic has unleashed unprecedented horrors in Goa. Being a state with high positivity rates, COVID numbers in Goa are breaking records every second day. With 2,804 fresh detections on Monday, the active tallies inflated to a count of 32,262 while 50 individuals succumbed to the virus on the same day. Over the past 10 days, more than 30k citizens have been infected by the deadly contagion, which snuffed 561 lives in the same period,

Recoveries rise gradually amid the spiralling count of new infections!

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After unparalleled spikes were witnessed in Goa's COVID logs through the past weeks, the recoveries have started rising now. On Monday, 2,367 patients got recovered from and the count has increased significantly in the past 3 days. Further, it is expected that active tallies in the state can be controlled if the recovery graph continues to slope higher coupled with a downward turn of new infections. Keeping these things in view, the state government is actively executing new interventions for the benefit of the citizens

State administration recommends prophylaxis treatment for all above 18![twitter_embed expand=1]

With an objective to curtail the spread of contamination, the state government has advised prophylaxis treatment for all adults in the state, as a measure for precaution and prevention. As a part of this, Ivermectin 12 mg has been recommended for all citizens above the age of 18 for a period of 5 days. In order to facilitate the implementation of this directive, the state authorities have mandated that the medicine must be available at all public health centres and hospitals.

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