Differently-abled citizens in Goa to be considered on priority for COVID vaccination

Differently-abled citizens in Goa to be considered on priority for COVID vaccination

As of now, a total of 4,16,818 vaccine doses have been administered in the state.

In a move to extend the benefits of COVID inoculation for all, the Chief Minister of Goa stated that vaccination of differently-abled citizens will be prioritised in the state. He added that all employees, who are a part of pharmaceutical or medicine supply chains, from manufacturing to sale, will be included in the group of frontline workers. While relevant directives in this regard will be issued soon, it is noteworthy that the inoculation of 18 above citizens begins in the state today.

State's move to expand the scope of vaccination

While the process of vaccination of all adult citizens started in the country 14 days ago, Goa witnessed day 1 of the vaccination drive today. Adding to it, the above-mentioned announcement will further enhance the scope of inoculation by highlighting the needs of the two vulnerable groups.

As per records, more than 2 lakh citizens have received their first jab in Goa and the immunisation is complete for over 90,000 individuals. While 5 lakh immunity booster jabs have been ordered by the state government, it has only received a small fraction of it to supplement the ongoing drives. Given the current circumstances, the crunch in the availability of vaccines is one of the fundamental reasons obstructing the implementation of large-scale targetted drives.

Active COVID tallies in Goa still on the alarming side with rise in new cases!

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On Friday, 2,455 new COVID infections were recorded in Goa while 2,960 recoveries were marked. Though the higher count of recoveries helped in contracting the tally of active cases, the figure of 32,387 continues to be worrisome, given the acceleration of new cases. On the grim side, 61 lives were lost in the state and it is perturbing that the graph of fatalities has moved up over the past 10 days with an increasing count of deaths.

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