Goa 12th Board-GBSHSE HSC Examinations 2021 stand cancelled amid pandemic mayhem

Goa 12th Board-GBSHSE HSC Examinations 2021 stand cancelled amid pandemic mayhem

The decision was taken after consultation with the Union Education Ministry on Wednesday.

A day after the CBSE Board cancelled its council examination for the batch of 2021, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Education (GBHSE) on Wednesday too decided to call off the 12th Board Exams in the state, for this academic year. As announced by the CM on June 2, the GBSHSE HSC Examinations 2021 stand cancelled amid the surging course of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per reports, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will declare the evaluation criteria for the cancelled exams soon.

Goa State Board exams cancelled

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The Chief Minister on Wednesday held a meeting with the GBHSE officials and the state education department, to take a final decision on the pending Class 12 state board exams by means of three suggestions. The first one being the prospect of cancelling exams, the second to declare results on internal assessments or allow those who are keen on taking the exams and lastly, to declare results for internal assessments and final examinations together.

Eventually, the first resort to cancel exams was favoured by the officials after a thorough study of the decisions taken by the educational boards of other states. The state also factored in various higher exams like NEET and JEE that are opted by various students after the board exams, before finalising its decision. The Goa council consulted the Union Education Ministry on Wednesday evening, followed by which the CM announced the cancellation.

Previously, the Goa government had decided to postpone the state board examinations for standard 12th. These exams were scheduled to be held in compliance with the COVID norms, however, the government announced to cancel them altogether now, in view of the scaling threat of the pandemic.

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