Goa airport witnesses surge in tourist traffic as flight frequency increases after Unlock 4

Goa airport witnesses surge in tourist traffic as flight frequency increases after Unlock 4

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With the state easing entry restrictions and quarantine with the implementation of the Unlock 4, the passenger count at the Goa airport is also on a rise. This shoot up is a direct consequence of the increased flight frequency in Goa. Besides rising domestic traffic, more slots for domestic arrival at the international airport have also been requested which further projects improved air connectivity among Goa and other states by September 20.

Flights and connectivity in Goa

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Goa airport has green signalled as many as 16 to 20 domestics flights a day which are being handled by the Airports Authority of India. This number has swelled considerably since May 25, when air travel first resumed after lockdown suspension and the state handled 6 flights only. This number is expected to soar higher, up to 30 flights a day from September 20 onwards. While the resumed travel of May 25 witnessed empty flights, cancellations, an average of 100 visitors and 300 out-bound passengers, Unlock 4 has changed the playing field completely.

Though the authorities have not tallied through the official records since September 1, the stats have risen from 600-700 to about 1,000 passengers per day. With an increase in flight frequency, these numbers are soon expected to touch totals of 1,400 to 1,500.

Goa airport director also informed that Goa's connectivity to major cities like Mumbai has been increased with a new flight on all days since September 9 and many other connections and routes are on the path. New flights for Surat and Mumbai have also been approved. These airlines will be flying passengers in and out of Goa once a week.

Knock Knock

Though the flight and trip frequency has been increased in Goa, for a better connectivity, the numbers are still not as close to the 90 flight movements that the state airport used to handle in a single day. However, this improved connectivity sure brings in good news for the aviation industry as they tighten their grip and provide better transport facilities connecting Goa.

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