Goa achieves 100% COVID vaccination target; centres to shut soon but inoculation to continue

Goa achieves 100% COVID vaccination target; centres to shut soon but inoculation to continue

Vaccination to continue under state-run immunisation programme, read on to know more

Achieving yet another milestone in the fight against coronavirus, Goa has successfully completed inoculation of both the doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines to its entire eligible adult population on Wednesday. According to health officials, a total of 11.66 lakh adults have been vaccinated fully against COVID-19 in the state. With this, Goa has become the first state in India to complete its target of vaccinating beneficiaries aged above 18.

Vaccination centres to shut down in Goa

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Notably, Goa had completed administering the first dose of vaccination to its entire adult population in September 2021. After completing its stipulated target of inoculating both doses to its eligible population on Wednesday, the state Directorate of Health Services has ordered the shut down of all vaccination centres in Goa.

However, this doesn't mean, vaccination will be halted, instead, it will be incorporated under the state and centre run immunisation programme that will be conducted at the state-run health centres. Since, January 3, 2022, over 87% of adolescents aged 15-18 have been vaccinated with the first dose whereas, 65% have been fully vaccinated.

Vaccination coverage in India

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As per the data available on the CoWIN, more than 174 crore doses of vaccines have been administered in India ever since the beginning of the vaccination drive against COVID-19. More than 76 crore beneficiaries have been fully-vaccinated in the country while around 20 crore people are yet to take the second jab, as of February 17.

India is inching towards completing its target of 100% inoculation with the help of 85,512 vaccination centres active in the country.

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