Goa readies PICUs & task force to safeguard kids during predicted third wave

Goa readies PICUs & task force to safeguard kids during predicted third wave

As many as 120 paediatricians from the private sector, have also been roped in to help in this situation.

The Goa government learnt a tough lesson during the second wave of corona transmission, when the state registered the highest infection positivity rate in the country. Taking lessons on preparedness from failures of this time, the state government has launched preparations to combat the predicted third wave, which is believed to affect children.

As per reports, the government is working in coordination with AIIMS to produce SOPs for the management of COVID in children. Further, it has decided to increase the number of Paediatric ICUs and has deployed a special task force to deal with the upcoming situation, among other things.

120 paediatricians roped in to help

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Experts have claimed that there will be a third wave of corona infections and during this wave, children will be affected the most. The Goa government is readying its medical infrastructure to mitigate such concerns. To combat the third wave, it is preparing SOPs for COVID management and roping in paediatricians for improving the treatment protocol.

The SOPs will be prepared in coordination with AIIMS and the training for the same shall be imparted to all medical caregivers and counsellors. As many as 120 paediatricians from the private sector, have also been roped in to help in this situation.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit beds to be increased

The paediatric care infrastructure in Goa will be supported by a 10-bed neonatal intensive care unit at the Goa Medical College, along with a similar 5-bedded facility in another government hospital. Reportedly, PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) beds will be increased from 8 to 14 in GMC and a new 60-bed PICU will come up in its super-speciality block. Further, a decision has been taken that 20 beds in an existing ICU can be converted into a PICU if the situation demands so.

Moreover, it has also been emphasised that parents should be given counselling so that they can strictly implement and monitor home isolation. Apart from working on several strategies to deal with the third wave, the state government has also formed a special task force.

These efforts by the government have surfaced amidst criticism for being caught off-guard during the second wave, when the infection positivity rate of this small state was recorded among the top in the country.

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