Goa likely to receive isolated thundershowers on December 9 & 10

Goa likely to receive isolated thundershowers on December 9 & 10

As per reports, Goa has recorded rains in all 12 months of 2021

The Goa station of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has hinted the likeliness of isolated spells of thundershowers and light in the state on December 9 and 10. Despite the monsoon activity, a marginal 2-3 °C rise in the minimum and maximum temperatures may be experienced in the nest 48 hours here, stated MeT reports. Notably, there is no weather warning in either South or North Goa for the two days and the sky will clear up on December 11, restoring a sunny day in India's sunshine state.

A rainy year for Goa

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Reportedly, this is the second time when Goa is likely to receive rains. It was only last week when the IMD had issued a 'yellow warning' in the state due to intensifying cyclonic activity over the East-central Arabian sea. With this, Goa has set the record of reporting rains in all 12 months of 2021.

Light showers graced Goa in March with the pre-monsoons, followed by a long rainy season until September and a prominent nimbus activity in October and November due to the post-monsoon spell. However, with internal anomalous weather systems pouring rains even in January and February, Goa had an all-year-long wet spell, informed IMD officials.

As per meT records, Goa has received nearly 4000 mm of rainfall this year as against the normal of 3226.9 mm. This accounts for about 23% of excess rain in the state, this year.

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