Ahead of the impending Omicron threat, Goa's tourism sector starts a vigil for 15 days

Ahead of the impending Omicron threat, Goa's tourism sector starts a vigil for 15 days

With air traffic returning to 82% of the pre-COVID post travel relaxation, Goa has retained its title of being the party capital of India

Amid the rising concerns of the new COVID variant Omicron, the tourism sector in Goa is closely watching its likely impact on the state. According to the president of the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa, all the development in this regard will be monitored strictly in the next 15 days to take necessary decisions ahead of the globally-acclaimed Christmas-New Year celebrations in Goa.

82% pre-COVID traffic registered in Goa post-travel relaxations

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In an attempt to contain the spread of the new and more dangerous variant of the novel coronavirus, the tourism sector of Goa is on a vigil to ensure thriving business and a safe experience for the tourists in the upcoming holiday season. Reportedly, ever since the easing of travel restrictions, the coastal state has maintained its tag of being the party capital of India by registering 82% traffic of the pre-pandemic level. After a fruitful season during Diwali this year, another vigorous tourist season is now expected with the chartered and other International flights arriving by the middle of December in Goa.

International flight services to resume from December 15

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To avoid repeating the mistakes made earlier, the Union Health Ministry has directed to increase testing and screening of all international travellers in view of the new variant. With around 70% of beneficiaries now vaccinated with at least a single dose, India stands a higher chance of battling the outbreak in advance. Notably, after a gap of about twenty months, India is all set to resume international passenger air services from December 15, 2021. India has also upgraded its list of 'at-risk' countries to include Hong Kong and Israel onto the Omicron radar.

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