Goa Police to get a new 'Pink Force' to effectively reduce crimes against women

Goa Police to get a new 'Pink Force' to effectively reduce crimes against women

A female-driven department, the pink force will ensure the safety of women, by women.

In an institutional move to curb crimes against women in Goa, the state administration has decided to upgrade the Police Department with an all-new 'Pink Force'. In an official statement on Wednesday, the Chief Minister introduced the idea of the female-driven wing, to ensure the safety of women by women.

Goa to adopt new initiatives for women's safety

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Going by reports, the CM Sawant attended a training programme for Deputy Superintendent of Police in Panjim on November 10, where he formally announced the government's intention of establishing the women force. "I had a meeting with the Director-General of Police and Superintendent of Police (Crime) on prevention of crime and discussed the precautions we need to take and adopt new initiatives especially for the safety of women. We need to do this," the CM added.

He further elaborated that the "Home department will work on it. We will provide whatever support you require for the awareness purpose, vehicle purpose. We are thinking of creating a pink force, pink female force, especially for women, women safety. We are thinking of how to introduce this."

Targetted 'pink' efforts to reduce crime rate in Goa

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The CM further took this opportunity to address that Goa has the highest crime detection rate in the country. "We have the highest crime detection rate in the country. But we need (to focus on) the prevention of crime. We need to work on prevention. No doubt, you are detecting crime. But you will say, how can we prevent crime. It is possible," the Chief Minister added.

He has urged that state police comes up with conclusive methods in this direction while seeking the Home Department's suggestion for targetted women welfare. "The Home department will come up with several initiatives for women's safety as soon as possible," the CM said. Pink Force is one way to realise the ambition, suggested reports.

Notably, it is a tried and tested approach, where regions like Kerala and Delhi have already established pink forces within the constructs of their open police department. Additionally, states like UP have created axillary pink patrol units with pink booths and other amenities to emphasize women's safety, dignity and prevention of crime.

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